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Possible BUG? Adding favorite to custom menu

I have been searching around for hours trying to figure this out with no luck.
I upgraded my Night skin to version 1.4.3 and XBMC to Dharma SVN 33277

I have a source which I have added to favorites. When I click on favorites i can see the source. However, when I got to Custom Menu Settings and click set favorite, I get an empty white box with no favorites to select.

Someone also mentioned this exact same issue in the xbox skin support sticky but am not sure if its related.

Also, another minor point, when i enable the watched overlays for only tv shows, it enables it for movies as well.
If it shows up blank then you'll need script.favourites

Overlays - I'll look into it...

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I have the same problem with the AEON MQ 3 skin and that change doesn't work for me. I have tried several other things (clean installation, deleting the favourites.xml file, adding the "favourites addon" that the skin said is needed (only this skin says it, not the default one) and I can't get it to work... Favourites in the custom menus are empty.

Also, ¿where should the favourites addon be placed? It's not within the new XBMC installation. I have tried to put it in the XBMC addon directory, in the Windows User XBMC directory, in the skin directory, installing it through the addon menu... and although now there is no warning about the plugin, the custom menus are still empty.
Finally I've solved it. It was a bit tricky, you need to Set a folder as Favourite, then go to edit favourites.xml removing the quotes and finally go to the Custom Menu options to assign the Favourite to the Menu. The solution was in this thread:

This is a XMBC bug.
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