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[Dharma Beta2] Stutter on a blu-ray rip
thethirdnut Wrote:I'll look into this from my end and let you know...I have been busily re-ripping the DTS-HD + Dolby TrueHD tracks for my blurays.

NOTE: the real greasy one for me was The Dark Knight which is Dolby TrueHD...
I've since watched a few of the DTS-HD->flac conversions - it seems that they do still exhibit the problem, but much less often. Dark Knight is a couple of times a minute.
Are you using mkvmerge to mux your movies back together? Directly or indirectly through some other tool?

I ran into an error muxing 1080i blurays via mkvmerge...

At the moment I think I can likely get mkvmerge to work with 1080i by forcing the fps for interlaced vids.

I wonder if there is an error or some other type of missing option for FLAC integration via mkvmerge?
Yep, mkvmerge is the only tool I've tried using.

Actually intrigued by your other thread - I have a similar issue with huge stuttering on my 1080i60 (Live Music Blu-rays) stuff ripped via Handbrake into 1080p30 (tonnes of frames dropped), but I thought it was due to the Atom 330/ION combo not having the power to decode them - I've now encoded them at 720p instead.

Might have to have another go at that! Though I was fairly sure I'd taken the video stream out of the mkv file and it still dropped a tonne of frames.
My rip of The Matador played absolutely terrible. Tried listed procedure using tsmuxer and now it plays fine.

In MKVMERGE there is also a tab to force fps = 30,000 / 1001 = 29.97 when you highlight the video stream ... dont have mkvmerge here at the moment to tell you exact name.

I did that for another 1080i rip, but havent had a chance to test it yet.
thethirdnut Wrote:In MKVMERGE there is also a tab to force fps = 30,000 / 1001 = 29.97 when you highlight the video stream ... dont have mkvmerge here at the moment to tell you exact name.
Is this still using a Handbrake transcoding to deinterlace to 30p rather than keeping at 60i?

Will definitely give it a go later. I think I've noticed when I use eac3to to view the contents of these MKVs, it does give a 'no frame rate information' warning.
YES; I transcode to x264 -and- deinterlace vids using handbrake then just mux DTS-HD or Dolby TrueHD audio stream back into final mkv.

I tried using the deinterlace filter on original 1080i m2ts file within XBMC and results werent as good.

Basically, as I understand it XBMC can not pass the interlaced video stream on to the TV for the TV [or amp] to do the you either do in on-the-fly with XBMC or deinterlace it ahead of time.

That's what I took away from my previous interlacing discussion.
This is going to sound like I'm whining, but is there any chance that this bug will get looked at before the final release of Dharma? This seems like a pretty bad bug for a final release, seeing as how it renders a very popular audio/video combination unwatchable (in my opinion).

I am willing to assist in any way I can. I am an able coder, but completely unfamiliar with the xbmc code base and multimedia software in general. If someone could give me a place to start looking, I would gladly try and debug the thing myself.
Bobo1on1 mentionned audio timestamp issues with the initial sample file so chances are it's similar to the DTS in mkv issue and a similar workaround might work. Have a look at the 'Setting A/V sync window for smoothvideo' thread in the dev forum.
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Thanks for the heads up, I will read through that thread when I get a chance. In the meantime I checked out one of the files that has been giving me trouble with both the original dts-hd track and a FLAC track. FWIW I only see the stuttering/%error spikes/dropped frames on the FLAC track. I will do a little more testing and look at some logs and see if I can come up with anything relevant.
Has anyone been able to fix the mkv+flac stuttering issue?
liq456 Wrote:Has anyone been able to fix the mkv+flac stuttering issue?

From my end = NO.

I gave up on this; converted the FLAC tracks to PCM for files already done + rip the DTS-HD or TrueHD track for all new bluray rips.

This gives me TrueHD --> LPCM, DTS-HD --> DTS core.

Eventually, we should be able to get bitstreaming for both so keeping original tracks is not a bad course of action IMHO.
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I just tried Boxee, VLC and I don't get any stuttering on mkv+flac. Doesn't boxee use the same software as XBMC? Here is a test clip, it plays fine with VLC and Boxee Stutters in XBMC
Tested the file from the TS, but on OpenELEC I only get 2 framedrops at the very beginning of the file. All following video including the birds playing flawlessly.
Working with a XS35GT with 2 Gb of memory, streaming from my NAS.

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