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Jerky playback Dharma B2 and SVN /Ion
Hi, I'm using the Dharma B2 and svn-versions (compiled by me) and I get jerky playback. Before I start posting logs I just wanted to see if anyone else have the same issues.

Both versions are installed on an Asrock 330 HT Ion, windows 7.
Content is locally stored (hdd). Display is a samsung full hd LCD, capable of playing almost anything, including 1080i, 1080p, 24, 50 and 100 Hz.
I've attached asrock to the tv with HDMI and only using the tv speakers.

The problem I'm having is when I play the latest Bond movie (example) - Quantum of Solace, there is a scene about three and a half minute into the movie where Bond is driving his car into a garage. The scene is a slow scene with lots of different panning (I think thats the term) both horisontal and vertical.
Once in a while - typically one out of four times - there is judder in that scene.
I should say that the movie is a copy (straight off) from an original in VIDEO_TS-format. I've tried putting it on other drives with the same result. (Other movies have simillar problems)

If I rewind the scene, the judder normally is gone, but if I play the movie from start a couple of times in a row, the judder will appear, in that same scene. There are other scenes with judder as well.

It almost looks like the v-sync doesn't work or that the display would be set at 60 hz.

No frames are lost according to info, cpu is at less than 10 percent.

It doesn't really matter what settings I'm using, the result is same. DXVA enabled or not, Adjusting display ref. rate on/off makes no difference.
The debug log really doesn't show anything of interest, or that I feel could possibly explain this behaviour.

Does anyone have any idea what this could be? Could it be hardware related??

I'm starting to wonder if I should start over and install Ubuntu and see if the problem exists on that platform as well.

Help me out, please, before I lose my mind Sad Any and all suggestions are appreciated!!
Please post a debug log.
Right, here's a link


In this I've played the same scene a number of times and a bit from Avatar as well. The last movie is QoS with jitter in the mentioned scene, although I find nothing special in the log.
Turn on "sync playback to display" in playback settings and see if that fixes anything.
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Ok, so I tried this, and guess what? It seemed to do the trick.

I've only done som preliminary tests so it might be jumping the gun a bit, but out of six attempts, no jitter in that scene.

Now, I'm sure there was a good reason why I hadn't already tried that, but I can't for the life of me remember why I've opted to have that swithed off. :o

Anyway, major thank you!

Btw; just so I understand, is the reson for this error that without that switch, the sound gets priority and picture is synced against sound, causing duplicate/droped picture info? If so, shouldn't that be displayed in the info? Also, even though setting this switch seem to correct the "problem" there seem to be no correction/errors in the info section, is that expected?
What that setting does is synchronize the video to the vertical blank, that way it gets rid of any video stutter.

What do you mean by "correction/errors in the info section" ?
If you press 'o' during playback, you should see a section with the refreshrate, missed, speed, sync and error.
Right, that is the one I meant. It shows like 40 - 50 missed (but that is only during DVD menu, it doesn't increase after that) and the rest are at 0%

And guess what, it appears I spoke to soon. Just got home and tested again and now it the jitter appeared the first time I tried the scene.Sad
I have a 9400 "ION" based mobo - and I was having some stuttering and other issues, and these were solved by choosing "real full screen" in the display settings - which I don't think is the default

may not help - but worth a try if you haven't
I have similar issues with my system, same set up, Ion on 330, very low cpu usage overall, but some movies still have skips/jerkiness. I have my blu-ray movies converted to mkv and although most work fine I have the skips in for example Avatar. I will collect logs, but I just wanted to see if this issue is related to a few movies, or all over.
Regarding "Use Full screen window rather than true full screen" - I use a true full screen. I'd love to use a the windowed setting - since I'd really like using dual screens but that means I'd have to accept tearing, which I don't. So, unfortunately, I use a TFS.

Do you also experience tearing with windowed mode?
I use almost the same setup as L1onsG8 except I run Dharma Beta 2 Live from a USB Stick.
Just bought the Asrock 330 and probably sounding a like a total noob here but I get jerkiness and and jitter. I gotta say that I experienced nicer quality video and smoothness on my old Tvix 4100. My tvix was set to Auto EDID and whenever I played a blueray converted to .mkv it changed display mode to 24hz.
I probably have the setting wrong so I wonder you guys could share what settings would be best or what you use
My setup:

Asrock 330HT 2GB and 512mb shared video memory

In XBMC > System
Display Mode: Fullscreen #1
Resolution: 1920x1080
Refresh Rate: 60.00
Vertical Blanc Sync: Always Enabled
Enable LCD/VFD: checked

Render Method: Auto Detect
VDPAU: checked
Adjust display refresh rate to match video: checked
VDPAY Studio Level Color Conversion: checked
Video Post Processing: disabled
Sync playback to display: checked
AV sync: Videoclock/Resample Audio

See something wrong here ? Should I just set the display refresh rate to 24 or does XBMC manage to do that i.e is it able to sense the movie frame rate ??
i have an asrock ION, win 7, xbmc dharma B2 setup. after installing dharma 1 i had stuttering in dvd isos and 720p movies.
Same problem with dharma 2. I was just about to rollback to previous stable version when i changed remder method from AUTO to SOFTWARE. That solved it for me. With hardwareacceleration enabled playback and GUI is better than with previous versions. Thx XBMC!
Thanks! Changed the render method as well, and yes it does work better !
Good for you!

There's no science behind my solution, just trial and error. I have noticed in other apps, especially audiorecording software that "auto" does not equal correct choice...
Did you guys turn on one of the fancy scalers?
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Jerky playback Dharma B2 and SVN /Ion00