xbmclive and transmission web interface access with openvpn

I installed Xbmc live on my htpc and open vpn to connect on a
vpn server provider for all internet access. The structure is like this :

HTPC ( & PC(


Switch 1GB


Router (


WAN (88.xx.xx.xx)

On the HTPC , transmission is installed to download torrents files and I can access the Web interface using
my computer on Lan and my smartphone from WAN .
When OpenVPN connection is effective the htpc have a tap0 interface with IP 178.xx.xx.xx
But I got a problem then to access the transmission web interface from WAN , I can only access to it using my PC on LAN.
I guess there's something to change at the route table (I still want to use the 88.xx.xx.xx ip for web interface access) , and maybe the router settings, but I'm new to linux and I'm a bit
stuck with settings to change.

Thanks in advance ,

You may want to ask that in an Ubuntu or vpn forum?
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xbmclive and transmission web interface access with openvpn00