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[WINDOWS] Converting Blu-ray rips?
So if DVDFab is used to just rip the m2ts file then it's uncompressed so that means the files will be huge right? 10 gigs and up? now I wonder what it's used to make them into a 4 gig file and look so sharp.

Also why is mkv better vs m2ts? (why go the extra step to convert to mkv)
you answered yourself in the first sentence. m2ts will be 18gb+ and mkv can be compressed to 8gb-10gb with unnoticeable video quality
x264 is used for compressing. And yeah, those 4GB encodes look really good....on 15inch CRT . You can compress a video stream in any container, m2ts, or MKV, doesn`t matter.
Ripping just to m2ts leaves you without chapter support, so MKV is preffered since you have chapter support that way. Compressing a movie to a transparent encode takes skill and numerous test encodes, and is not worth it, and you end up to something like 12-18GB per encode (depends on the audio, HD audio or lossy DTS/DD)

HDD space is cheap, ripping the main movie is fast and easy with Make MKV or DVD Fab. Encoding is slow, and takes skill to achieve a transparent encode.
8gb-10gb look great on my 50" ....and then there are QEBS encoded mp4's which are 4GB and superb!!
There`s a difference between look great and look exactly like the original Blu Ray...and those FASM encodes (i had 2 or 3 of them, 3GB GB or so) look like s*it even on my 22inch monitor, upscaled DVD quality. And Dolby Digital is 2001 tech, which is what they include in those encodes. Lossless audio (DTS-HD/TrueHD) takes 2GB or so by itself.
if you muck with ref frames and x264 settings it can be great BUT as a fellow videophile I must agree that you cannot beat an original blu of course. You just need space! PS: mkv rips is not like DVD 2 VHS difference tho for goodness sake
pettakos Wrote:What is the "ideal" hd lossless format to convert blu-ray rips to a single file in order to be playable in xbmc? For instance, is wmv or avi's quality better or vice versa? or some other format like mkv?
I repeat a single file only, no matter what the output size will be.
Furthermore, what is your favorite program, easy to use, for the conversion to take place?
Well, as of today, if output file size is no concern, the answer is easy: rip to ISO. XBMC is now capable (and as soon as the nightly builds are restarted you'll be able to test it) to play BD ISO files perfectly.

You click on the file, the movie start. And you keep everything. So when, one day, menu support will arrive, you'll have a perfect backup of the original disk. And in the meantime... well, perfect picture and sound.
For troubleshooting and bug reporting please make sure you read this first.
Anyone got any suggestions for Blu Ray ripping on Mac?

I've started using MakeMKV which seems to work well - but when playing the film I get messed up audio (most of which comes from the rear left speaker) I think I have some adjustments to make in my XBMC but just wanted to check that it should downmix the HD audio to normal 5.1?

Regardless, is there an recommended all in one that will allow me to rip and re-encode if necessary or do I have to use a combination of MakeMKV and Handbrake??
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