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this is great. i do not have problems with special chars (ã á etc )

but the "file list" in tv show still have a gigantor font, so if a episode have a 2 number digite it get substituded by a "..." thats is fugly!

thaks very much for this version! i hope it get on xbmc server soon!

All night trying every font available in Unicode that's "free" and they are all the same crap, the ones that are a little different doesn't look good with the skin. Cant believe this crap.

Well, seems we are stuck with this ones.
Many thanks mcborzu for the unicode.

did change the font folder also the font.xml file. but the asian letters still can't be display. Am i need to copy and overwrite everything for skin.night folder in linux?

Many thanks.
On the Whole, Love the change. Much easier on the eyes then the previous font.

Only Problem, You used the XBMC Repo version of Night instead of the last Dharma Update (6 June 2011) of Night. I personally use the playlist option for Movies, because I keep both Stand Up comedies and Movies. I Use 2 Smart Playlists to separate them. Selecting Movies, usually goes to the Movies Only Playlist, and A Sub-Menu for Stand Up.

It Would Be Nice If You Could Update This To The Latest Dharma Update From The Git.
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