[PATCH] WTV support in FFmpeg

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danconti Offline
Team Boxee
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Thumbs Up  [PATCH] WTV support in FFmpeg
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Hi guys,

I was reviewing this thread: http://web.archiveorange.com/archive/v/y...uJVykOy7xB

And managed to compose the WTV support patch to something that should apply cleanly to xbmc's current version of ffmpeg. No promises though as i had to reconstruct it from multiples patches against ffmpeg head.

This is pretty bleeding edge, but i've verified we can decode hd audio, eac3, etc WTV clips in boxee, so You Can Too. Smile

Patch is attached.

Some test clips are available here:

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spiff Offline
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while i'm sure alot of people would appreciate this, we'll do a full update of ffmpeg soon enough.
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feerlessleadr Offline
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great to hear that wtv support has been integrated into ffmpeg.

Thanks for the work dancoti!
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damienorourke Offline
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sorry if this is a dumb question... But how do you install this patch on XBMC?

I am running XBMC on AppleTV2.

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green___man Offline
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I download the archive but how do I apply/install this on MAC OS X 10.6.6?
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Dealwagon Offline
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How do I install this anywhere?? What is the zip file?
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teaguecl Offline
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Dealwagon Wrote:How do I install this anywhere?? What is the zip file?

You can't install it - it's a patch file, you can view it in a text editor. Conceptually you need to:
- download the xbmc source
- apply the patch to the ffmpeg source
- compile xbmc

This is not an end-user kind of process.

Also, thank you danconti (and Boxee!) for contributing.
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sringgen Offline
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If this is an "easy" thing to do can someone that knows how to just compile with this latest ffmpeg and post the installation? I am still waiting for XBMC to be able to play .wtv files. If someone can point me to detailed instructions on how to do it I will do it myself. (And post it for everyone to enjoy!)

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