Bugs ?
On the last svn version 3090, on my Apple TV XBMC platform,
I noticed :
- The ripples are hidden or disabled ... even if I change value since Advanced menu
- Logo is hidden or disabled too

It's my version or a general problem ?

Thank you !
Are the animation files outside of the main media folder?
Which animation files ?

I don't know, it's the default config.
In order to be sure, I completely reinstalled XBMC SVN version
on my AppleTV.
With this fresh install, I went directly in Appearance and I use
the passion-xbmc repository which allows to download and activate
the Xperience svn version.
And it doesn't appear (ripples and logo)...
If I use the xbmc.org repo, and I activate Xperience 1.1, I have logo and ripples.

I hope these explanations are sufficient ..
passion-xbmc repository one hasn't been updated then.

You should be using the official one anyhow.
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