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DVD Cover Art Only...
Currently running XBMC on Apple TV. I have been ripping all my DVDs to a NAS drive and the collection is somewhat large. It's very slow cycling through movies, as it takes a bit to load cover art and other info, I'd like to set it up as a matrix of DVD covers as shown in this shot on Any idea how to set it up like this?


This is one of the screen shots shown for Back Row, but I can't seem to find a setting that would allow me to configure the skin in this way. Thanks in advance.
It is a view called "Big Wall Icon", which is in the library mode views. In file mode it's called "Wall View".
Thanks. I'll give that a shot tonight.
i can't seem to find that setting. How do I navigate to it?
Figured it out on the windows build, but not on the Apple TV. Doing it on widows required use of mouse though.
Glad you figured it out. You don't have to use the mouse at all (i never do). To bring up the menu, depending on the view your in, you either hit the cursor left/right (depending on if your on a view that uses left and right to choose, you move it one more left/right if on wall view for IE.) or up/down (some view's 2 times is needed) to bring up the context menu, then choose view from there.

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