LiLi - a new Windows tool for creating a XBMC Live USB memory stick

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you need to install video drivers to correct that.

If its nvidia look here
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Just chiming in for 2 reasons:

1. I used LiLi to make my XBMC Live USB stick, and it worked great.

2. I found out by trying that I could also use LiLi clone my flash drive install. (I wanted to move my install from my larger USB pendrive to a smaller one, and it worked when I started LiLi, told it CD as the source and pointed it at the pervious Live USB, and made the destination my new USB pendrive. It copied over all the files, then wrote a proper bootloader!)
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I finally got around to testing it last night. Out of the box the LiLi created XBMC Dharma install worked just fine. I added the nightly/unstable PPA so that I could use this install as a sandbox to play with the nightlies. I made the mistake of upgrading the nvidia drivers via nvidia-current. While the drivers installed just fine, the update to initramfs fails because
tries to write to read only space (apparently not everything is stored in the persistence portion).

So my question is, is there any way to get around this, or am I stuck with the older nvidia drivers and kernel? If the latter is the case, I'm fine with that, I'm just not sure what all initramfs does when I add the new nvidia drivers to perform all the actions manually. Also, can I install the latest nightlies without causing a change to grub i.e. is there anything within the new builds that would trigger an initramfs-update?
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kri kri Offline
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What do I do if this just hangs at the grub command line? I have used about 10 flash drives and every single one hangs. Downloaded xbmc 3 times, same thing happens.

Hardware is a Revo 1600.

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distracto Offline
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mine hangs at a screen that says "XBMC login:"

booting from scratch (not from virtual box), and downloading manually the dharma version.

.....oh but it works fine in virtualbox
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throwrocks Offline
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kri kri Wrote:What do I do if this just hangs at the grub command line? I have used about 10 flash drives and every single one hangs.

I am having the same issue here. I thought LiLi would be an alternative to UNetBootin but I am faced with a grub command line and no options to install xbmc live. This is as frustrating as having UNetBootin halt my installation because it can't find a non-existent cd drive on my Acer Aspire Revo 3610.
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Palalisimo Offline
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I have tried LiLi and is working ok.
Im pretty much new to linux in general, xbmclive runs fine from boot, but I was wondering how I can copy skins and add ons from my currents windows install.

For example, I recently made a fresh install of xbmc to my new laptop, and just copy the entire "users\myname\appdata\roaming\xbmc\" and all my addons, skins, databases, thumbs, etc, etc where available and working.

How can I do something similar using LiLi?

Thanks in advance!
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mwa888 Offline
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I used lili and added the iso, so now what?
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bcboncs Offline
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Hi, I was curious about how big of a flash drive is necessary for terabytes of tv shows/movies' metadata (plot, cast, thumbnails, all imdb info) when using xbmc live?

Also, does xbmc live need an OS or is that included? Sorry if the question is dumb... I am in the process of migrating from a Win7, XBMC, SAB, SB, CP, and Storage into separate devices.
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castalla Offline
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It can't handle the XBMCbuntu release.

You can get a XBMCbuntu persistent usb using unetbootin.
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paulsk2 Offline
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i`ve never tried a live version but love xbmc so i`m wanting to give it a try so that i can have a moblie copy of it on me but my question is once its installed onto a hard drive can i the still use the drive as portable storage that will also be visible in windows ?
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kozzbc Offline
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Lili is the only bootable usb creation tool I ever use for any linux distribution. You can even make your android phone a usb bootable device, it wont remove or harm any of your android files as long as you leave the "Format" option unchecked.

Highly recommended tool !!
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(2011-01-09 19:33)Superorb Wrote:  I found out that my old school pentium 3 from 10-15 years ago will boot from a USB key when my 5 year old Core2duo will not. Ridiculous.
I find that surprising. Double check the BIOS settings to make sure USB booting is enabled, and use the boot menu (on startup) to manually select USB booting as it's priority may be lower than your hard drive.
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davidrust Offline
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Hi guys, 1st post so go easy. The instalation screen is so tiny I can't see what to select, any idea on how to increase the size. I'm using a 1080p tv as my display. Acer revo r3610
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You are a great writer. Please keep it up!
relocation and moving
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