[iPhone] XBMC for iPhone 4
Anyone recommend a skin for iphone 4?

Also is there anyway of bringing up the keyboard? Any thread about using it on the iPhone yet? I can't see much info anywhere just yet!

Can't believe its running on my iPhone though, awesome work! Smile
Just read the announcement on homepage:

"Works on iPhone4, though it’s currently frustrating to use."

Pretty much answers my question! Big Grin

Can't wait for someone to make an awesome skin + retina support Smile
Agreed.... the on screen keyboard is KILLING ME. Please oh please oh please allow native iOS keyboard support.

I'm sure it'll make the iPad version great and make the iPhone version usable.

Kudos anyways on a great job porting this!

I've loved XBMC ever since the XB days.
I ended up using Veency to configure the sources. XBMC didn't show up on the PC that well, but I could use the on-screen cursor on the iPhone to click the keyboard buttons.

It's still nowhere near ideal, but it was slightly less frustrating...
amazing that it can even work in the palm of your hand, BUT

- trying to type in shares is a workout on my eyes
- cant figure out how to scroll down
- freezes from time to time.
I'm using the Zoom option in the iOS settings.

Basically, 3 finger double-tapping zooms into the screen. Make typing a bit easier on the phone.
nevermind just found out how to scroll

tough on the iphone though!!!

also must be a glitch on the pics as most are getting blank screens.
So how did you manage to scroll? I've been using PMIII HD for my skin and dragging the scrollbars
touch and hold in scroll bar until bar appears. if you watch the ipad video you will see me do it.
MediaInfo : http://mediainfo.sourceforge.net/
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I've downloaded XBMC through Cydia
With the CONFLUENCE skin everything worked o.k
but when i used the Carmichael skin everything got messed up. I even can't change the skin settings.
It looks like Cydia saves the skins in another folder, because even when i reinstall XBMC the Carmichael skin appears and the program is so unstable it freezes and the touch-screen buttons don't work.
I feel like i'm stuck with the carmichael skin:mad:

Does anybody know a sollution for this problem?
A way to change the skin to Default again?

GRz from Rick
Hi JammyJam ,Same thing happen to me.. You need to delete the skin in a folder in the Iphone.
Download filefind in cydia
go to /var/mobile/library/preferences/xbmc/addons and delete your skin..

good luck
try "Joggler" or "Confluence Touch Me" via djtoll's repo http://content.wuala.com/contents/autoba...l.zip?dl=1
How can I add a zip in iOS to get the skin? Thanks

Or add a repo

edit: done!
trying the two skins
How do you do it?

Pitufogranjero Wrote:How can I add a zip in iOS to get the skin? Thanks

Or add a repo

edit: done!
trying the two skins
Hi guys, I'm trying to start a team, to build a new cool skin. Details here: http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=128084
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