Transmission on ATV2?
Memphiz Wrote:imho this would be a RAPE of the atv2 Wink ... better get a router with usb port for doing such things ... but of course its up to everyones opinion


Cheapest reliable torrents plus budget NAS-router combos rolling.
Acer Revo 3610 w/ Ubuntu 10.10, Giada Cube Win 7, 2 ATV 1's one w Crystal HD card, UnRaid server w/ SAB/SickBeard/Couch Potato/Transmission, MacBook Pro, Hackintosh Dell Mini 10v
seand Wrote:Ahem.

Cheapest reliable torrents plus budget NAS-router combos rolling.

I hear very good things about this router.
john.doe Wrote:I'm getting a 'Bus Error' when I execute ctorrent on my ATV2, any clues?
PS: I installed it using nitoTV.

Not sure. I just used ctorrent the other day on my iPhone to grab something because I was away from my laptop and it worked without issue. It could be a torrent specific issue.
Understanding that the ATV doesn't have a descent SMB client for ctorrent, would it still be possible to get a simple working method for the atv to become a sort of seedbox seeding data from an SMB disk? If so, how would one achieve that?
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Transmission on ATV2?00