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Newbie wants to edit confluence home page
ok, I'm new to linux and new to xbmc but pretty competent most of the time. I'm a career IT Engineer for windows systems, XBMC is my way into learning about linux and how it works so be gentle.

Now, what i'm wanting is a way to add my youtube plugin (and eventually others) to my homepage in the default confluence skin.

only problem is at this moment i cant even find the confluence files let alone figure out how to edit them.

I'm sure everyone has a thousand more important things to be getting on and developing but if someone can give me a few pointers and links i'll be on my way,

current install is XBMC-Standalone on ubuntu 10.10 with gnome desktop.

I've found this and a few other bits and bobs about but need some pointers.
Just found this

but i dont have a ~/skin/

[email protected]:~/.xbmc/addons$ cd ~
[email protected]:~$ cd /skin
bash: cd: /skin: No such file or directory
[email protected]v:~$ ls -a
.              Documents         .gstreamer-0.10   Network Share              .themes
..             Downloads         .gtk-bookmarks    .nvidia-settings-rc        .thumbnails
.adobe         .esd_auth         .gvfs             Pictures                   Videos
.bash_history  .evolution        .ICEauthority     .pki                       .xbmc
.bash_logout   examples.desktop  .icons            .profile                   xbmc_crashlog-20110130_132101.log
.bashrc        .fontconfig       .local            Public                     xbmc_crashlog-20110201_011331.log
.cache         .gconf            .macromedia       .pulse                     .xscreensaver-getimage.cache
.compiz        .gconfd           .mission-control  .pulse-cookie              .xsession-errors
.config        .gksu.lock        .mozilla          .recently-used.xbel        .xsession-errors.old
core           .gnome2           Music             scripts                    .xsessionrc
.dbus          .gnome2_private   .mythtv           .sudo_as_admin_successful
Desktop        .gshutdown        .nautilus         Templates
[email protected]:~/.xbmc/addons$ ls -a
.                                   script.lrclyrics             skin.back-row
..                                 packages                             script.module.beautifulsoup  skin.mediastream_redux
IPlayer                    script.module.simplejson     skin.night      plugin.program.utorrent              script.randomitems           skin.pm3-hd           script.recentlyadded         skin.shade                script.rss.editor            skin.transparency             skin.xperience                     script.web.viewer            webinterface.awx                  script.favourites                    script.xbmc.subtitles        webinterface.wtouch                   skin.alaska                  webinterface.XWMM                  script.logo-downloader               skin.alaska.revisited.mod
[email protected]:~/.xbmc/addons$
ok, found this

the instructions are to copy and paste the zip contents into the skin.confluence folder

this folder is found in /usr/share/xbmc/addons

it is owned by root and thus a quick

sudo chmod 777 -R /usr/share/xbmc/

was needed in order to allow me to paste into the folder

after that, start xbmc and goto settings>skins>Custom Home

you will need to make sure you have favorited the items you want to link to, find teh item and right click select favorite.
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