"Lists" (i.e. Favorite Movies) - Not Playlist but Movie Wall
One of things that is lacking in a digital collection is the ability to organize movies like I do on a movie bookcase or wall. This is to allow the user to organize Favorites into categories of their choosing.

This feature is primarily for people with a NAS, who have a lot of movies.

1. Feature will allow a user to create a list (logic linkage) of Movies (examples: "Top 20 Favorites", "Favorite Action Movies", "Home Videos", "Best of 2010", "New Releases" etc.) This could be like tagging.

2. Holding down the menu button will allow user to add a title to list. User selects list.

2. Interface will allow user to scroll through a list of User Movie Lists. Press button to see the list.

3. The list will show the movies on the list and will allow user to select the movie to watch.

It would be nice if this was available through main interface or library.
Look up Smart Playlists. That'll do pretty much everything that you want.
Can you name your smart playlist?
magikgeek Wrote:Can you name your smart playlist?

Ok, so I had some time to play with playlists and found the following cumbersome (although better than nothing).

When you create a playlist and save it, you give it name. When you go to edit it... it is complicated.

In order to edit an existing playlist:

1. You have to clear the "Now Playing..." Queue.
2. You have to go back to playlist and add the playlist to the queue.
3. You add more stuff to the queue and arrange.
4. You save the playlist... but it asks you for a name again because you are not editing an existing playlist... you are creating a new one. If you save it as the same name, it does not overwrite an existing playlist.
5. This makes it necessary to delete an existing playlist.

Here is what I am purposing: Design "Edit Playlist" to complete step 1, 2 and set a flag so that you don't get prompted for a name when you go to save it. This flag can get cleared when you "Clear Playlist" or "Edit Playlist".

What do you think?

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"Lists" (i.e. Favorite Movies) - Not Playlist but Movie Wall0
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