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Skinning for beginners - Foundation skin, skinning tools, and tips

Foundation skin: Updated for Eden

Foundation is a very simple but fully functional skin designed to be used as either a base for creating new skins or as a learning tool for anyone interested in what makes a skin work.

It comes with both 720p & 1080i coded XML's and I've also included a screen shot folder of every window/dialog XBMC uses to make things even easier.

To get the most out of it you'll need to either make a new keymap.xml or add this to your existing one -

PHP Code:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
            <F8>Notification(Testing 123,Hello world)</F8>

F5 - Reload skin
F6 - Show/Hide the Debug Grid
F7 - Show/Hide the Debug Info
F8 - Activated the KaiDialogToast.xml

Frodo download

Credit goes to Jezz_X for the textures.

Other useful links -

TexturePacker for Mac OS X

Sublime Text 2 - XML editor

Debugging/skinning aid for any skin

Skin XML Converter

Skin repository creator

How to test Peripheral settings

How to test Karaoke

How to test DialogFileStacking

Eden Update

Changelog -


Added: <!-- Foundation --> tags to all windows
Added: Exit button visible condition
Removed: Dummy controls from DialogPeripheralManager.xml and DialogPeripheralSettings.xml


Changed: Debug grid and Window/Dialog label handling (see Custom_Debug_Overlay.xml)
Changed: Activate Video window controls
Changed: DialogContextMenu.xml
Changed: DialogButtonMenu.xml
Added: DialogPeripheralManager.xml
Added: DialogPeripheralSettings.xml
Added: DialogPeripheralManager.jpg
Added: DialogPeripheralSettings.jpg
Removed: MyVideo.xml
Removed: MyVideo.jpg

[Image: dialogperipheralmanager.jpg]

[Image: dialogperipheralsetting.jpg]

Donations for this skin gratefully accepted

[Image: 8714.png]
[Image: addonbrowser.jpg]

[Image: customsettings.jpg]

[Image: dialogaddoninfo.jpg]

[Image: dialogaddonsettings.jpg]

[Image: dialogalbuminfo.jpg]

[Image: dialogbusy.jpg]
[Image: dialogbuttonmenu.jpg]

[Image: dialogcontentsettings.jpg]

[Image: dialogcontextmenu.jpg]

[Image: dialogfavourites.jpg]

[Image: dialogfilestacking.jpg]

[Image: dialogfullscreeninfo.jpg]
Awesome, Very helpful for newbie skinners / modders like myself!
[Image: dialogkaitoast.jpg]

[Image: dialogkaraokesongselect.jpg]

[Image: dialogkaraokesongselect.jpg]

[Image: dialogkeyboard.jpg]

[Image: dialogmediasource.jpg]

[Image: dialogmusicscan.jpg]
[Image: dialogmutebug.jpg]

[Image: dialognetworksetup.jpg]

[Image: dialognumeric.jpg]

[Image: dialogok.jpg]

[Image: dialogpictureinfo.jpg]

[Image: dialogprogress.jpg]
[Image: dialogseekbar.jpg]

[Image: dialogselect.jpg]

[Image: dialogslider.jpg]

[Image: dialogsonginfo.jpg]

[Image: dialogtextviewer.jpg]

[Image: dialogvideoinfo.jpg]
[Image: dialogvideoscan.jpg]

[Image: dialogvolumebar.jpg]

[Image: dialogyesno.jpg]

[Image: filebrowser.jpg]

[Image: filemanagerv.jpg]

[Image: hometb.jpg]
[Image: locksettings.jpg]

[Image: loginscreenz.jpg]

[Image: musickaraokelyrics.jpg]

[Image: musicosd.jpg]

[Image: musicoverlay.jpg]

[Image: musicvisualisation.jpg]
[Image: mymusicnav.jpg]

[Image: mymusicplaylist.jpg]

[Image: mymusicplaylisteditor.jpg]

[Image: mymusicsongs.jpg]

[Image: mypicsab.jpg]

[Image: myprograms.jpg]
[Image: myvideod.jpg]

[Image: myvideonav.jpg]

[Image: myvideoplaylist.jpg]

[Image: myweather.jpg]

[Image: playercontrols.jpg]

[Image: pointer.jpg]
[Image: profilesettings.jpg]

[Image: settingsx.jpg]

[Image: settingscategory.jpg]

[Image: settingsprofile.jpg]

[Image: settingsscreencalibrati.jpg]

[Image: settingssysteminfo.jpg]
[Image: slideshowj.jpg]

[Image: smartplaylisteditor.jpg]

[Image: smartplaylistrule.jpg]

[Image: videofullscreen.jpg]

[Image: videoosd.jpg]

[Image: videoosdbookmarks.jpg]
[Image: videoosdsettings.jpg]

[Image: videooverlay.jpg]

[Image: visualisationpresetlist.jpg]
Cool need a new "Basic" skin, when I tried using "Basic" as my base for Carmichael I got all these odd positioning errors and just odd errors in general that werent solved till I moved to Confluence as my base...

Check out The Carmichael - A Skin For XBMC

Check out Night - A Skin For XBMC

Check out Unfinished - A Skin For XBMC
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