[RELEASE] Last.FM-SlideShow
Quote:I would be happy if this icon is used in your script

Thanks, very cool!

I'll have to check with the powers that be, that be spiff and freezy Smile
Great plugin, used this a few times already today. Worked well! Thanks!
Agreed...... Great Plugin

Needs a way to set automatically.

Good work
Thanks man!
Works like hell! Even better then the scraper?! Smile
A hot-button for settin the current picture as fanart/poster would be cool!
If not - THX anyway! Smile
djtoll Wrote:I would be happy if this icon is used in your script Big Grin
greetz djtoll

I just noticed, add-on icons must be 256x256. If you could re-size it, when I tried in paint it gets kinda ugly.
uomiarz Wrote:This is great!!! big THX

This add-on definitely needs to find its way to visualizations, somehow Smile

This is a fantastic Add-on! As many people have suggested, this needs to start automatically as a visualization. This should be a standard feature in XBMC! Any idea if this is possible?
I have changed it to 256x256 ... sorry !

DL Link

and a second for plugin.image.lastfm

greetz djtoll
[Image: 7tftavatarlogo.png]
Download - djtoll's Add-On Repository / Add-Ons > Install from ZIP / Get Add-ons > Djtoll's Repository
divingmule Wrote:Stopping music playback should stop the script.
But how to stop this script without stopping music?
The only two ways I can stop this script are:

1. Disabling this add-on in add-on settings and then Rebooting XBMC.
2. Turning off the TV set Big Grin

Is there a simpler and more "elegant" way to do this?
Stopping the music playback or selecting "Last.FM - SlideShow" the same way you started it, will stop the script.

I just recently, found out by accident, the "m" key will show the music player controls during a slideshow Cool
divingmule Wrote:selecting "Last.FM - SlideShow" the same way you started it, will stop the script.

Thank you!
It works.
can someone point me to the addon zip? Thanks
applesinafton Wrote:can someone point me to the addon zip? Thanks

From XBMC, go to Pictures>Pictures Add-ons>Get More...
Hey, I played around with this a bit over the weekend, quite fun! Thanks a bunch Smile

For easier start/stop I added this as an item to the favorites and set that as a custom home item in Alaska Revisited. For whatever reason though, stopping is not working when when activating the favorites item a second time.

I will post a debug log later, but maybe there's a better way to work around the start/stop than to activate twice?
I have adding your script in music submenu it's very nice, thanks
Would you be possible to use this script visualise local music?
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