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I played around with twonky mobile (for android). Works really good in almost every area when using XBMC (v10) as both server and playback target.
check it out here, it's free:

It can use XBMC as server and player, so you can browse the XBMC video and music libraries, select a song or album and it will play it on XBMC.
It can also be used with your phone as server and XBMC as player, so you can playback music that resides on your phone on XBMC!

Real awesome, but two things I wasn't able to do though and I was hoping to get some answers here how I can solve this:

1. I can create a music playlist and that plays fine, except when my phone turns off. Then after the current track finishes, it doesn't proceed to the next track, even though "Transfer active queue" (not sure if this is translated properly as I'm not using the English language) is enabled in the player settings. I'm not sure if this is a twonky or XBMC thing. It looks like XBMC only accepts one song at a time and when this song finishes it needs to ask the twonky-app what the next song is it should play.
By the looks of the "Transfer active queue" settings, it seems like the twonky-app can send a complete playlist, but apparently XBMC doesn't accept this...

2. I've set up my phone to be the source for pictures and XBMC as playback target. Although I see XBMC is doing something (e.g. it switches to the pictures UI), I don't see the actual picture. Instead I get an error message on my android "Could not stop playback". If I look at the debug log file it looks perfectly fine. Looks like XBMC is indeed showing a picture, but for a fraction of a second. Again here, I don't know if this is XBMC not working correctly, or if it's the Twonky-app, or perhaps they just don't like each other that much...

If anyone wants to test and see if he gets similar results or perhaps someone with deeper UPnP knowledge can look into this, I'd be very grateful!
ad 1: i think you misinterpreted that. it actually means that you can move the queued items on your phone from one output/target to another. eg. you queue up music streaming to your xbmc, then decide it's time for bed and redirect the queue towards your apple airport in the bedroom (yes, airplay, wohoo!!!). i tried it and it seems to work just fine. it does not start with the same position in the currently playing track, but restarts from the beginning though.

ad 2. i see the same problem. i can stream music and video just fine, but pictures are not displayed. xbmc switches to a blackscreen for a really short moment and then back to where it previously was. seems like it is not entering the display/slideshow mode correctly or exits prematurely.

an alternative you could try is skifta (weird name):

EDIT: i found your post in the twonky forum so my ad1 is not correct... here for the record:
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