"Trailers" is "empty"
I am having a major problem with "Trailers" in the main. I have apple trailer addon installed.

But when i go into "Trailers" i only see the backdrop nothing more. I can scroll right and left but there are no covers, i hear the sound and if i hold the scroll the letters under will come up when scrolling. But no covers. I can't get the sidebar to show either when im in "Trailers" Its like at all hidden.
Movies and TVShows are working perfect, no problem in them at all.

I have tried uninstalling the apple trailer addon but it woun't let meg do it properly. Iv tried changing backdrop but it didn't help. Iv restarted both the HTPC and XBMC many times but it doesn't work.



Click here for the XBMC log file.

Thank you all. I hope i have added enough information on this. If not please tell me what you need and il try my best to get it Smile
try install Addon Apple Lite version..it´s different the apple version...
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Wanilton Wrote:try install Addon Apple Little version..it´s different the apple version...

i have the lite version installed. Sorry for not getting that clear. I have both and tried uninstalling and installing them both without luck. I cant uninstall the normal one. i can uninstall the lite one but it doesn't seem to uninstall properly. even after uninstall and a restart it is still there.
Nobody have any clue about what is the problem?

What will happen if i install XBMC? Will everything change or will it only "fix" files that may be corrupted?
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