MyVideos34.db as it is a NEWER version than what we were expecting
Hi guys,

After updating to 10.1 yesterday and playing around in the gui, today I open xbmc and I'm getting this error in my xbmc log

"MyVideos34.db as it is a NEWER version than what we were expecting"

I had tried a nightly build last week so I'm unsure what caused this or if there is a workaround?

Should I create a trac ticket? I can't see any of my movies / music in xbmc because of this.
The nightly build has updated your database to a later version than the one used by v10.1. Nightly builds do thios sort of thing, hence the health warning they come with.

I think that if you reinstall the nightly build you should be able to export the database then delete the database (take a backup first), run v10.1 and import the database back in. Alternatively just use th nightly build.

From download page
Quote:WARNING: Nightly builds will update your libraries to a version that is not backwards-compatible with stable releases. Backup first!

This is why I don't use the nightly for anything more than with my testing computer.
In other news, 10.1 hosed my mysql setup, continually trying to alter the settings table to add the VerticalShift column (after it existed) during a database upgrade from 42 to 46.

I had to go disable mysql and recatalog a good deal of my collection.
10.1 did NOT touch your mysql setup at all, as 10.1 does not update your database from 42 to 46. It is version 42.

A nightly will attempt that, however, and as we always have said: running nightlies may break stuff. Particularly with mysql as very few XBMC devs use it, and thus things aren't tested.

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MyVideos34.db as it is a NEWER version than what we were expecting0
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