Getting to Settings in AppleTV XBMC Alaska-Revisted when Settings button Hidden

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Sarlic Offline
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Hi everyone:

Apologies for what is probably a dumb question from a N00b.

I hid the settings button on the home screen in the Alaska Revisited skin on my XBMC in appleTV and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to re-display it.

I find vague references to editing XML files, but sadly my SSH knowledge is not great, and I can't get my FTP program to access my AppleTV so that I can just navigate and locate the file.

Is there anyone that would be so kind to tell me exactly what I need to do/type to get this fixed, or direct me to a post that has this information.

Many thanks,

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TheUnfound Offline
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I also have this issue.

Answer from any of the veteran xbmc'ers?
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fullfatcream Offline
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you need to call up the context menu and from there you will see setting sat right at the top of the list.

Best bet is to go to the home screen and hold down menu on the remote, keep holding it and the context menu should turn up. (just tries to double check)

Just a note though, i've now using a different remote so if its not menu try either the middle button or play/pause.

Either way thats what you gotta do, good luck and let me know how you get on.
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