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[RELEASE] Pneumatic
(2016-01-04, 18:53)Popeye Wrote: Since the day they ruined usenet, most archive files are not in order and renamed on par repair making pneumatic quite useless for streaming...

Ok. Thanks for the response.
Hey Popeye,

I still like to use this addon to start nzb downloads (I know streaming is pretty much dead)

My previous andriod box could run the standard Kodi from the app store, and Pneumaic runs just fine on it

I just got a new android box, and I have to run SPMC (an Android fork of Kodi) and I tried everything but Pnematic keeps saying "Failed to write test file in incomplete folder"

I set it up EXACTLY like my old box ..... and I have my old box connected to another TV and still works fine.

On my new box Newznab shows all the proper feeds, and the SABnzbd Kodi addon shows the download staus of the server if I manually start a download.....

So at this point I am stuck!

My SABnzb program is running on a NAS (some form of linux) if that gives you any clues...

Does anyone know if this addon is supported in jarvis 16.0 or is this latest supported version only helix??FYI I used to have this addon working but I can't remember what version I was using at that time either helix or gotham.As of right now though-I can't seem to get jarvis working.It sends the nzb to sabnzbd, finishes with its process and then states "error check log".
POPEYE where have you beenHuh This addon is truly appreciated by all of us.Please give it the attention it deserves.I am willing to donate for your time.Message me.Hopefully this thread is still somewhat active.

Hello, I'm not gone, just not doing much development on pneumatic... I have everything setup and working on latest stable openelec (6.0.3), thus not running jarvis? Can honestly not keep up with all the Kodi versions popping up all the time Big Grin
soljarag, what I can suspect is some python incompatibility or the temp file issue described somewhere in this thread. As usual, get a log file and pm me relevant parts or a pastebin link (remove api keys etc..).
wolwerine30008, I think everything should work with the latest releases from my repo, but they could have changed things in the addon code base. Again, log files.. Big Grin
Pneumatic | SABnzbd | XBMC that just works - openelec
The list of compatible indexers on the first page does not work.

Can you re-list them?
Hey Popeye, just a heads up on future versions of Kodi. Your plugin does not work on Kodi 17, but I fixed it. On the default.py file on line 533 I changed

player = xbmcplayer.XBMCPlayer(xbmc.PLAYER_CORE_AUTO)


player = xbmcplayer.XBMCPlayer()

and it works fine now.
I know this addon isn't updated in years but I keep getting: Can't find any incomplete file.

I tried Pneumatic with both Kodi 16 and 17 and it only works with 16 with a few different NZB files.

Is there a fix?
THX to this post, I was able to setup my indexer-service with the newznab-addon. THX a lot.

Sadly there seems to be problems with downloading encrypted files. I hope for an fix and better handling of this. In some test nzbget (installed with termux on my androidtv device) was able to stream really really good. With sabnzbd I was not able to bring it to run :-(


I had the same issue with "malformed error" on kodi 17 krypton, on a AndroidTV system.

Hoping for any solution. A working newznab-addon is the last puzzle part on my androidtv device.

Did I understand the newznab settings right?
Site api url: doamain.com/api/?t=caps&apikey=32APIKEY
Site rss url: I_LEAVE_IT_EMPTY
Hide category: 6030|6020

Kodi-Log is showing this:
Quote:22:14:02.452 T:138525893712   ERROR: GetDirectory - Error getting
22:14:13.363 T:138142573648   ERROR: Previous line repeats 6 times.
22:14:13.364 T:138142573648   ERROR: GetDirectory - Error getting plugin://plugin.video.newznab/?index=1&mode=favorites_top
22:14:13.365 T:138142573648   ERROR: CGUIMediaWindow::GetDirectory(plugin://plugin.video.newznab/?index=1&mode=favorites_top) failed
22:14:15.587 T:138142573648   ERROR: GetDirectory - Error getting plugin://plugin.video.newznab/?index=1&mode=favorites_top
22:14:15.590 T:138142573648   ERROR: CGUIMediaWindow::GetDirectory(plugin://plugin.video.newznab/?index=1&mode=favorites_top) failed
22:14:35.641 T:138687984720   ERROR: GetDirectory - Error getting
22:14:35.878 T:138624226384   ERROR: Previous line repeats 2 times.
Greetings by HushPeter
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