[REQUEST] DeviantArt.com Picture Plugin

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k1m0s Offline
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This would be a great add on. Deviant Art is a great site for anyone who likes photos, computer customization, and lots of other cool and crazy stuff. Thanks
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wiak Offline
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i would like to see one too

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Nwardezir Offline
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I'm bumping on this one, I'll be very interested too to have a plugin to browse Deviantart but best of all, a screensaver plugin based on a search query made to Deviantart.

I started roaming and I started to gather ressources ...

For a Deviantart Picture Plugin :
- nice Flickr Plugin from Ruuk, available on his REPO
- the clean Deviantart API using oEmbed (same as Flickr) and RSS (for searches)

For the Deviantart Screensaver Slideshow Plugin :
- still Ruuk code, he made a screensaver (screensaver.plugin.slideshow), available on his REPO
- and also code from the standard XBMC Slideshow here : https://code.google.com/p/ronie/source/b...253Dclosed

Now ... just need to find someone patient and skilled enough to mix all this Smile
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