DIY Ambient Lighting

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LjStronge Offline
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Nice - Thanks for that

So the kickstarter and the actual LightPack is not around yet - although the software Prismatic is?

So I presume I need the Arduino Software/Prismatic and the obvious hardware and I am good to go?
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smajor Offline
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Post: #152
If I may, I'd like to inform You, that my adalight with lightpack (+boblight) calculator's address have been changed.
Some of You may have used it before.
new address:
I hope You'll find it usefull!

Adalight with Lightpack calculator (with boblight support)
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demmax2004 Offline
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Post: #153
New version AmbiBox 2.1.4 released.
In the new version added direct capture from XBMC
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KenV99 Offline
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For anyone interested, there is a new version of the script/addon for XBMC available (WINDOWS only). It adds some options for displaying a menu of your current AmbiBox profiles at the time a video starts playing for you to pick from or attempting to pick a profile based upon the video files reported display aspect ratio.

There is a PDF with instructions in the zip file. This is NOT simply a plug and play setup. You will still need to configure your profiles in the windows application and to use the automatic switching based on aspect ratio, you will need to edit an XML file. Details, again, are in the PDF.

Please post back here with issues.

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