Ability to view .mpo

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tommymsw Offline
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It seems like this one may be easy? XBMC would just have to recognize the file type and then display it? The TV would do the work of making it 3d? No?

I think 3d is becoming more and more popular. This feature would be GREAT!
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You can activate .mpo as pic extension via advancedsettings.xml

see here:


[Image: obi3o55x.jpg]
[Image: 7c8w3bu8.png]

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tommymsw Offline
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Thank you, that does allow me to at least see them... But not in 3d. For whatever reason it does not show them in the side by side format, it kind of overlays them. I was hoping to be able to see them in 3d by setting the TV to SBS, the same way I do for video. XBMC plays the video side by side, I was hoping it could do the same for the pictures.
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mmace Offline
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I'd like to be able to do this too, in the meantime I'm converting them all to JPS (JPEGStereo - half SBS JPEG) and then renaming to jpg
this works but it's a ballache when I shoot hundreds of photos a month in MPO
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Jackie78 Offline
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Is there any news on this in the Nightly 13.0 builds? Can I somehow view the 3D MPO files in 3D in XBMC now? Any progress made?
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