Noob ! Need help on Menu

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Sad  Noob ! Need help on Menu
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I am new to XBMC !! Would need some help. Migrating from WMC 7.

I want to try out feature.


1. I install Night skin, on the menu, I only have Music, Videos, Pictures, Addons, Weather, Settings
Where is Movies?
2. How can I put another custom menu like Games, Karaoke..etc...?
3. On the Viewtype, I only have Poster, Files, and 16x9, where is the rest like Banners..etc....?

4. Or might be it's a wrong skin?

Any help will be appreciated.....Thanks
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movies and tvshow will appear after scanning ur media. other views will come too. for custom menues u have to make playlists and add them to menu

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