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(2015-11-26 12:02)willemd Wrote:  Hi guys

The universal movie scraper stopped scraping IMDb Top 250 info for my movies. Is that normal?

I noticed it when I reloaded some movie information, and the Top 250 icon didn't show up anymore. (The skin supports Top 250 icons for those movies.) The rest of the movie information is scraped correctly from IMDb. I'm bypassing the problem by using this add-on: http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=167754 . After I run that, the Top 250 info is back. But I'm guessing this is either a bug in the scraper, or something the API now forbids?

(Using Windows 10, Isengard.)

This has been fixed in v2.7.0 (available now from the Repo).

...aaaaaaaand, v2.7.0 brings back scraping Rotten Tomato ratings via OMDBAPI.com - thanks for them!
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