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jacobpope1 Offline
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Is there a way I can use more than 5 Favorites? I have the extended v2 installed on Eden running win 7 but I have plugins and addons I would like to place on the home screen. Playlists dont seem to be the answer here either. Any help would be appreciated!

Here is what I am doing so you can better understand the situation

I use Plex to manage all the media so i am using Plexbmc and it all works fantastic the only issue is you have to add the sources from plexbmc like TV shows and Movies as Favorites in the XBMC skin so they can hit the home menu so Plexbmc takes up a few spots. I also have a few plugins for live TV streams and Hulu and so forth I also like to have there, along with Firefox from Advanced launcher I wanted to link to the homepage.

Thanks for any help and this skin freaking rocks! I have spent over 8 hours today customizing it and have loved it! I am just stuck on this one little snag!
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Not without editing the respective xml files.
What you can do is add favourites to the movies, video and tvshows submenus.
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