Alternative music visualisation (full screen audio window)

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Rainbow  Alternative music visualisation (full screen audio window)
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Hello all,

Love the skin, nothing works as smooth as Quartz on my ageing asrock 330. That said, I don't like the music visualization screen. Today I ended up tweaking the MusicVisualisation.xml file a tad and I've come up with a different look.

The goal is to focus on showing the visualization and/or art work rather than the metadata.
Does anyone by chance know how to change the lineair gradient with a radial gradient only behind the text area? Current implementation seems to load a texture behind the overlay obscuring a lot.

If someone wants to have a peak themselves, please let me know how I can upload the actual xml file.

new look with artwork:
[Image: quartz_Music_Overlay_alt1.png]

new look with visualization:
[Image: quartz_Music_Overlay_alt2.png]

old look:
[Image: quartz_Music_Overlay_orig.png]
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