[IPTVSimple] Only one audio track in Gotham

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Bug  [IPTVSimple] Only one audio track in Gotham
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Hey there!

I upgraded to Openelec nightly builds (so Gotham alpha...). Working fine so far BUT the IPTVSimple Client seems to be broken somehow.

Everything is working but it randomly plays one of the three audio tracks in my tv channels (5.1, 2.0 & teletext [which seems to be the third audio track]).

Pre-Gotham I could choose which audio track I wanted to play but in Gotham I can't change the track as it is shown as "None". If I press the info button on my remote, it is showing "0.0" as channel layout, but playing on of the audio tracks.

If I play the .m3u file manually with XBMC->Video->Files, everything works.

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Similar to what is reported here http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid...pid1711684
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