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I love the PM skin -- and I track a bunch of TV shows. Trying to break them into groups to better organize the list -- I have come up with

1000 - TVShow Name(current Listing)
2000 - TVShow Name (Off Season, waiting for new season to start)
3000 - TVShow Name (Ended Series)
A300 - TVShow Name (Archived

I use the numbers because then I sort by name and it groups them together and very easy to organize.
Was wondering if there was anyway to modify the skin toe change like the 1000 shows to green, 2000 shows to yellow, 3000 shows to red, or something to further distinguish between groups.

I also embeed dates in the name of the show like 2000 - [2014/06/06] Game of Throwns
To indicate when the new episodes are scheduled to start. This is all in the title of the show -- but would be amazing if some of this could be pulled from IMDB or sickbeard and populate automatically also...

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