Customization PVR handling/remote control

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I am looking for a list of the various screens and their respective hooks in coonection with the keymap.
Also I understand there are some new commands implemented since Gotham (for example Mypvrlivetv to directly open the last channel)
I already found the community project to map PVR according to the MCE remote, however this keymap still feels a little awkward for my taste.

I am coming from a Enigma2 system and would try to map the controls more like this setup. Remapping the mce inputs to whichever key is not the problem, however there are sometimes too many different buttons involved which decreases WAF. Apparently i need to strictly force certain buttons in certain window situations to behave differently.

In which file should I look for the relevant screen names resp. numbers (apparently pvr still uses window numbers?!)
Is the default keymap already complete ie. is every section represented there or do I have to lookup missing ones somewhere else. (keymap section names do not correspond to the window.actions it seems)
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Follow this link Wink

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this may actually help to rewrite my keymap. They seem to have similar ideas concerning the buttons.
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