Android - ZRRO is an android box on Kickstarter that could be the perfect KODI remote

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Ned Scott Offline
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It's really neat, but I'd love it more if I could buy just the controller ;)

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Martijn Offline
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Look what google just came up with Smile

Quote:To make gaming even more dynamic on Android TV, we’re launching the Nearby Connections API with the upcoming update of Google Play services. With this new protocol, games can seamlessly connect smartphones and tablets as second-screen controls to the game running on your TV. Beach Buggy Racing is a fun and competitive multiplayer racing game on Android TV that plans to use Nearby Connections in their summer release, and we are looking forward to more living room multiplayer games taking advantage of mobile devices as second screen controls.

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gevat Offline
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Funny, as this exactly highlights the problem...what good is a phone controller if you have to stare at it the entire time instead of looking at the game on your TV. The use case they are showing is using the phone's accelometer for steering which does make sense, but I don't see any other uses besides that for dynamic games that require instant response from the player.
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