NAS for Kodi / Synology Play worth the money?

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I use an old tower running win7 and raided 1 drives as my "NAS", through smb shares. Works great with all my endpoints running kodi/xbmc in AFTV and revo 3610. The advantage of using win7 software raid is that you can always pull a drive and get the data off it on another machine or even an external HD case, where as store bought NAS may format the drives for raid with their own proprietary file system (ie not NTFS/fat32) then u can't just take a drive and get the data off the drive (easily). Also, not to mention that running win7 you can have the system provide back end for HD Home run, etc....
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(2015-04-22 21:14)amcfarla Wrote:  
(2015-04-22 17:40)FishOil Wrote:  
(2015-04-21 20:10)TempleClause Wrote:  I've been looking at a few NAS for my Kodi.
I would like to put all the media on a NAS and then install Kodi on a raspberry pi 2.

You likely already have all the components you need.

Any old computer will do. Put a few hard drives in it, ubuntu server with webmin and you're done. Cheap and easy.

A store bought NAS is a joke.

if you want RAID redundancy, and not have to troubleshoot a homemade NAS unit, then no, it isn't a joke.

Sure it is. You can try to justify you choice all you want.
Anything that breaks requires trouble shooting. In fact if you had built one yourself you would even be in a better position.

In addition, there are easy and FREE solutions to drive pooling and redundancy.
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