Beta testing and feedback

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syncd Offline
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Beta builds
We've setup a Beta test program, that will receive Beta versions of Kore. We appreciate if you could sign up for the beta test, and provide feedback in this thread.

To sign up for beta testing, follow this link (you can always opt out of beta testing later).

Beta tests will usually run for 1-2 weeks and, if no major showstoppers are found, it will be released.

Latest beta versions
Version 2.0.0
- PVR support
- New animations on transitions from list to details screens
- Added option to play/queue entire album, artist or genre
- Improve library syncing
- Various tweaks
- Bug fixes

Version 1.5.0
- D-pad buttons can skip forward/backward when media is playing (if EventServer is enabled in the media center's configuration, and accessible in Kodi)
- Added new screen to show all cast in movies and tv shows
- Added vibration option to d-pad buttons
- Add stop button to remote screen
- Fix youtube share behaviour
- Czech translation
- Simplified Chinese translation
- Russian translation
- Basque translation
- Spanish translation
- Bug fixes

Test-builds / nightlies
We are also providing nightly builds justlike we do for Kodi itself. These build are bleeding edge and contain all the latest developments done for next release.
You can directly download it from our server and install it on your phone or tablet:
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Downzy Offline
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Hi. I use Kodi mainly for PVR on my Nvidia shield TV which is not that well supported from a remote control pint of view, so I'm pretty excited to see the PVR functionality in Kore Smile I'm new to Kore, but so far I'm very impresses and I think I'll be using it a lot from now on.

First thing that I have noticed is this. In the old version, the left/right buttons skip (10sec, 30sec, 1min etc) while watching live/recorded tv. On the new version, I used the PVR functionality to start live tv and recordings, but then I can no longer skip using the left/right buttons. The FastForward and Rewind buttons work, but I prefer to skip. Not sure if this is a bug or as designed. From my point of view, I hope it's a bug Smile

My other feedback is regarding the Recorded TV section. All of the recordings are listed in there, and are not grouped and don't appear to be in any particular order. I have a lot of recorded shows (mainly kids shows) which makes it hard to find what I'm looking for. Sort functionality and/or grouping would be awesome.

Appreciate your work. Hope my feedback helps.

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Solo0815 Offline
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Is there a EPG/Guide-view in the Beta?

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Martijn Offline
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Read/follow the forum rules.
For troubleshooting and bug reporting, read this first
Interested in seeing some YouTube videos about Kodi? Go here and subscribe
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Dark_Slayer Offline
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Feedback welcome?

If so ... can't help but compare Yatse / Kore. Almost reaching feature parity

One thing still missing is the share video feature. Kore has a share option from youtube, but only play AFAIK. Queue and Play would be nice (or just default Play to Queue). Also, there's a lot outside of youtube. For the most part, dailymotion, random google video searches, embeds, etc will play using Yatse's "Play" button but not Kore's. Might be a known thing, but I tested it with both nonetheless

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Vergil2501 Offline
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I love the remote, but I'd like to suggest adding a function that pauses the video or content playing when your phone receives a call be it Skype, cellular call, ect. It was a function I loved when I used to use my MPC HC remote and Foobar2000 remote.
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poisdeux Offline
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I think it would be nice if users could get access to the latest version on master through the beta/alpha program.
Using a gradle plugin we could automate the publish procedure by creating a build from master, once a day (if there is anything new), and publish it.

I do not have any experience (yet) with the gradle-play-publisher plugin. But if more people would find a rolling release through the beta/alpha program useful, I'd be willing to set it up. Although syncd would need to deploy it as he holds the keys (I think).
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fredphoesh Offline
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A couple of things that came up on my first use of Kore.

1/ I'd like to be able to change "Movies" to "Videos". I have local videos and addons in videos, and have no use at all for movies... So customising which shortcuts we have would be good.

2/ I'd love to have a shortcut to three things I use almost every time I use Kodi - Audio Gain level, Subtitle offset, Audio offset. I Imagine many people have other buried bits of Kodi they use often and would like more easiliy accessed... so It would be good to be able to create custom links to any menu item in Kodi.

Thanks, keep up the good work!

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madmax2 Offline
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Would it be possible add a setting so we can change the picture shortcut button at the bottom to something else of our own choosing like : addons

Can you also make the play pause button more bigger than the FF/RW buttons?
It will make it more easier to press.
And if the media control buttons was put at the bottom, it would be easier to use and prevent accidentally hitting the INFO button, when we try to hit PAUSE button etc.

Can you also make a subtitle button that we can turn on/off subtitle quickly, without needing to go through the menu
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Kmas Offline
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Hi 2 things with 17 Krypton (but it's awesome and fast)

1) NO allow playlist at start up? Can this be added back as an option?

2) I really LIKED how you could only display certain ADD ONs via short cuts icons for certain categories (Videos, Programs, etc), but now it shows ALL ADD ON Icons and you have to scroll through them to get to the one or ones you use all the time. Can this be added back in as well?

Love how it works on the newer Android 6.0 Marshmallow's though the Kodi 16.0 was horrible on them, almost NOT usable.

Thanks for the hard work everyone!
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arsham Offline
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If kore is installed on android device which is tethering wireless network and kodi is installed on other machine in the same network, then its not possible to discover kodi to add it to kore devices list. I wish to see this improved

Sent from my SM-G920F (typie typie)
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Kryptonite Offline
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I have noticed a strange bug, every time the IP address of Kodi device is changed.
trying to rediscover the new IP with the kore app results Kodi to mute it sound.
This is really frustrating, since you need to play something in Kodi only to unmute the sound back again.
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KrakaJap Offline
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I think Kore could really benefit from some advanced features like being able to add custom commands to the menu. One in particular would be the ability to quickly switch profiles.
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Tadsz Offline
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I love your app but I noticed some strange behavior ever since Kodi v17 was installed. There's now a noticeable lag between pressing a button and the command getting through (about 2 seconds) whilst controlling through the website works instantly. I'm not sure if you're at fault for this but I noticed this just now
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