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(Today 04:59)christoofar Wrote:  Installed this from the repo this weekend after resetting my FireTV2 & installing Kodi nightly 64bit. This is really a great departure from the norm, nice work!
I am also seeing the random scrolling of TV Shows and Movies. Also under Music in the Home screen, it doesn't display any albums, just the same video thumbs in Movies & TV?
Thanks Big Grin

Ah I see what you guys mean now -- the autoscrolling of widgets. When @DJdeadpool said they were being randomly "selected" I thought he meant that they would randomly start playing or something like that.

I will add an option to disable autoscroll in the next update.

Regarding music widgets. The skin uses skinshortcuts which shares menus between skins. So it is possible you have loaded another skin first and that configuration is being used.
You can reset the skin back to defaults in Skin Settings > Backup / Restore >Reset skin settings to defaults
Alternatively, you can individually change widgets and shortcuts in Skin Settings > Home > Customise home menu
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aquerido Offline
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jurialmunkey, amazing skin!!! But then again all your skins are pretty amazing. I´ve been using Arctic and Eminence in the past, but this one tops them all.
Kudos and thanks for all your hard work!
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Hello, I want to install the skin ,
I keep getting ToolBox Scripts installation failed, failed to install dependency

thank you for the hellp !!

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(2017-05-19 03:21)jurialmunkey Wrote:  Hmmm. That is really strange. I can't really imagine what might be causing it. A debug log of it happening might shed some light.

Also, maybe try removing the following line in 1080i/Home.xml (line 12) and see if that does anything:
<onload condition="Window.Previous(VideoFullScreen.xml) | Window.Previous(MusicVisualisation.xml)">AlarmClock(Set300,SetFocus(300),00:00,silent)</onload>

That's the only really unusual thing I'm doing when the home window loads, so maybe there is some conflict there. I'm not sure.

Thanks. It didn't work but i've narrowed it down further.
It seems to specifically be the Artist Slideshow feature. When playing music in full screen visualization (milkdrop), turning off artist slideshow will pause the music. Turning the feature back on will bring back music from pause.

In the end, I can simply live without the artist slideshow but it's a nice to have feature.
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