[MOD] Aeon Hitched by EKIM232

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Thumbs Up  [MOD] Aeon Hitched by EKIM232
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**UPDATE 1.13**

-Foxed about 95% off the bugs reported as of lately
-Added panel density option to Large List
-Added a few new studios and some texture files, so a new media folder download is needed
-Anyone who uses this skin on Camelot, I do have a fix for the settings panel. It is still based pre-Camelot, but anyone that requests the few files, I will upload them.

This is my last update that will feature any new features or options. This skin has become too heavy with options trying to please everyone out there, which is not a bad thing. For me I would rather create a skin that focuses on a similiar view theme rather than the various views in this skin that have different looks to them (ie. Legacy Dark & Showcase Floor views) and almost seems like two skins combined.

I have started working on a new skin lately with Aeon as the footprint because I do believe it is the most eye appealing skin yet. I am focusing on a common theme between the views, incorpoated a new flag set, two new views done already, dropped 50mbs off the size so far, & tons of code clean up. When I have it more stable I will post a new thread, post some screen, and start taking suggestions. Until then I am going to focus on what I want in the skin before getting my ideas to clogged up.

I will still fix bugs here, since this skin is still my default. Thanks to everyone who uses it and those who have brought help in making it.


-Reworked Large List. Now looks more polished and can have Full toggle.
-Added Full/Slim List changing from the media menu. No need to have them as two seperate views. Also changed a few minor labels for it.
-Showcase now available for TV Show & Seasons
-Fixed Low List info. Was broken for some reason.
-New media flag layout in List. Adds more flags to the screen.
-New media flag layout for Multiwall & Old Wall. Put studio label by the name and added codec flag to the other set.
-New flagging for sources. Naming is explained below, which is from the filename.
--Avi's & mkv's encoded from DVD's now show up as DVD-Rip unless their is a source named in the file name.
--.Cam will show Camera flag
--.ts or telesync will show telesync flag
--DVDSCR or Screener will show DVD Screener flag
--R5 will show Region 5 flag
-All sources flags are available in Info screen.
-New blue highlight to submenu & media menu for selected item.
-Fixed music vis. screen. Hitting "I" will now hide the info and cdart

I still have more issues to resolve and they are on my list. I still am working on the following:

-TV show title to recently added episodes.
-Random Camelot issues
-Broken music video section. Never have used it so I need to get some files to test on.
-Making Large List available for TV.
-New view almost complete that looks similiar to the shuffling views in Xperience.

Please continue to report any bugs or requests. I will try to fix them the best I can.

**UPDATE 10.19**

-Fixed fast scrolling letters
-Added browser select icons on media menu. Toggle button still works as well.
-Added Showcase Floor setting section
-New media flagging design options with transitional flags.
-Fixed trigger up for info in all views that had bugs.
-Took Full List out as its own view. Now has a toggle setting in Media Browser settings for either Full or Slim.

Please do a fresh install since new textures have been added and deleted. Make sure you put the media folder inside the Aeon10.29 folder. Enjoy and please report any bugs.

**UPDATE 10.16**

-Added home video window. Toggle in settings.
-Added home progress bar for music. Fades main menu panel out after 5 second idle. Toggle in settings.
-Fixed extra floor button.
-Fixed Low List media menu navigation on menu bar.
-Fixed all homepage widgets when audio or video is playing so they don't run over top the video window or cdart. The animation were off a lot.
-Added submenu for weather and removed those options from settings to make it not so cluttered.

Just download Update 10.16 and replace the 720p folder and drop the "nowplaying" folder into media/home. Thanks to Snowdrift for the nice looking video window. Please let me know of any more bugs. I am still working on some of the others that were reported.


Well aware mediafire is not the best for this size of file. I will find sometime to switch to Github or a new host. Update has a lot of new texture files so I had to put a new media folder up. I HIGHLY suggest a complete reinstall of the skin and not just a quick drop and drop merge with the old one.

-Added new Large List View. Press right to see trailer. Has HD flagging within the list that can be toggled from the media menu bar. Currently only available in Movies.
-Added Icons pop up layouts. Thanks to Andyblac for those.
-Made the pop up layout universal through all views that contain it. So if you select "Trailer" it shows trailer on all views. This helped clean up code and saved time.
-Fixed media menu navigation. It would break if you selected certain options to not show.
-Removed Trailer layout. Seemed a bit much is you can have Big Trailer.
-Fixed watched overlay on Old Multiplex & Multiplex.
-Fixed episode title overlap with media flags in Old Multiplex.
-Fixed Multiwall View for DVD cases. Thank god no one saw what it didBlush
-New texture for media menus. Both vertical & horizontal.

*UPDATE 10.1*

After my intital release, I have now added a lot of features and fixed a lot of bugs. The download link has two parts now. The media folder needs to be downloaded seperate and then added to the skin folder. I removed my music genre icons since most people have their own preferred set.

-Removed assistant
-Added CdArt to homepage
-Fixed wall fanart
-Added flags to Tv Shows in Wall View
-Added flags to Old Multiplex
-Fixed Old Multiplex clock that was showing in artist and album nodes
-Fixed trigger animation in MultiWall
-Added missing Stack button
-Reorganized Settings. Now has a dedicated section to Media Browsers
-All Media Browsers can be turned on/off. List view is now my default, so it must always remain.
-New Xvid & H264 icons
-Lots of code clean up & deletion of unused files.
-Fixed Old Multiplex labels for seasons and episodes. Animation was out of line.

From now on I will just update the 720p folder so a big download will not always be necessary. I tested this on svn 22516. Please report any bugs and feel free to suggest any features. Enjoy!


-Fixed all navigation bar problems with Multiwall View
-Readded Wall view, but still blocked for seasons & episodes
-Fixed fanart on Wall View
-Added Customise button on submenu for Settings. Removed Profiles.

Just download the 720p folder and copy and replace it over the previous one. I am still working on creating Tv Poster views for Multiwall & Old Multiplex.

Please let me know of any bugs. Thanks everyone.

Key Features & Changes

-Cdart in fullscreen music
-Music fanart in song node
-Music flagging for albums
-Extra flagging in almost every video window
-Multi-Fanart option. Works like extra thumbs with a folder called extrafanart in your movie directory. Made this for myself and pick the fanart by hand. Would be great for if a media program had support.
-Blocked wall view on season & episode node. Did not look right.
-Added Black's MultiWall view. (Just added and need help with the navigation bar)
-Rearranged settings area slightly and changed images.
-Tempurature on time bar
-Flagging in fullscreen video
-Personalized flagging method. May not be preferred by all people, but it is how I like to see my library.
-Properly scaled episode frame for List View
-Added option to put a Trailer button in movie submenu & define script path. Takes place of Titles button
-Studio frame for List View
-Removed Clearlist

There are some other small tweaks here and there. I have not posted a download link, but I just wanted to show what I have and see if anyone one is interested in trying it out. I am sure there are some bugs beyond what I know about. My main concern is Blacks MultiWall having the Navigation bar fixed when visible, as can be seen in the screenshot below.

If anyone thinks they could be useful in helping out with some testing and problem fixing please let me know.

[Image: screenshot001jg.jpg]

[Image: screenshot002ft.jpg]

[Image: screenshot003lg.jpg]

[Image: screenshot004ui.jpg]
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[Image: screenshot005fd.jpg]

[Image: screenshot006hf.jpg]

[Image: screenshot007zf.jpg]

[Image: screenshot015az.jpg]

[Image: screenshot008c.jpg]
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Looks nice, I'd love to try it out if you could provide me with a download ;-)
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So this is based on the latest (and last) version of Hitched?
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Great, I think Hitcher's mod got pretty bloated towards the end so I'm glad you removed things like clearlist.
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Nice job,

so let´s have a look at it - so we can decide if we love it or not - I guess we will!


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COOL.. I loved Hitches mod's but as someone else stated there was too much being added ( Like clear art, etc ) towards end.

I was pretty gutted when hitched announced he was stopping but this has put a huge smile on my face Smile

I am at work at moment so cant test it but would love to give it a go and bug test for you.

One thing that I would love to see ( which I have mentioned in other mod posts ) is the ability to easily selected views. What I found with Hitches is it was horrid to swap between multiplex and wall for example. With the original Aeon you had a 4 directional selection and it was easy to pick what you wanted. Press button... Then up, down, left or right..
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Looks good! Though in the top image, the Amblin Entertainment one, you can see the reflection of the default icon. Should be fairly easy to sort Smile.
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Looks good I would be more than happy to test this out. as i am not entirely happy with the last and final update of hitchers mod, looks like you have improved on it.Smile

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yeah looks good. using github would be nice.

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This is based off of Hitcher's last one, but I made it with the changes I have been using over the past few months. I have removed/added a lot of features. I stuck with what I thought was practical and simple.

Like I said there will be some bugs. I already know about the reflection on that first shot, but haven't sorted it out. I will post a link when I get home tonight for anyone who wants to try it and my known issues.
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Cool. Cheers.
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may i take some ideas from you for my mod?

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temmi2000 Wrote:may i take some ideas from you for my mod?

Absolutely. It is there for anyone to use, expand on, or throw in their recycle bin. If you have any questions on anything let me know. Below is a list of know issues that I hoping to sort out, but have run into snags.

-Proper reflections for studios in list view
-Poster style frame for genres in Low List. It is square right now
-Fix navigation bar & time panel in Black's Multiwall view
-Navigation bar does not auto hide in Old Multiplex. This is also the same in Hitcher's last release as far as I could tell.

These are my main bugs I know of. My future developments & wants are below. I am not entirely sure how to get all to work and have tried a few times on some.

-Have fanart for movies/tv shows when you select them in recently added widget on homepage. NEED HELP HERE!
-Create two display modes. If you notice Aeon has two styles which I classify as Showcase Mode (all views with Showcase Floor) & Legacy Dark (all views that have the dark panel). I will add the option to turn on/off both styles. Default to be Showcase Mode. This I can do already, but it is just in my personal tester.
-I would love to see some scraper or media program beable to scrape for multi-fanart. It took awhile to do my movie collection by hand, but looks amazing!
-CdArt on homepage.
-Have poster style view in Old Multiplex & Black's Multiwall for TV. I have it set that when you turn on poster style for Mulitplex it auto blocks these views. I am slowly working on this one.
-Working on a weather window to utilize the weather.com plugin. Rather than have it on the homepage, which seems to cause crash issue.

Here is a mediafire link for anyone who wants to check it out. Please give some feedback/sugggestions. If anyone can help with any known issues, please feel free to PM me or post here. Thanks everyone!

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