[AppleTV] CrystalHD Driver for XBMC Launcher

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(2015-10-25 16:07)VonMagnum Wrote:  I read bad things about OpenElec's functionality on AppleTV (how the GUI works with the remote, etc.) so I never tried it. OSMC has been under "coming soon" for a long time so I wrote it off, but if it comes out soon I'd give it a try with a USB stick at least and see how it does.

I'd actually prefer to just have Crystal decoding under Eden with the Frontrow interface if that were possible since I don't need any newer XBMC/KODI features and then I can come and go without having to pull the USB stick or reinstall.

Meanwhile, if FireCore can get an untethered jailbreak soon for AppleTV Gen2, I'll be using that instead (I have a Gen2 unit here). They just released a tethered version for its final firmware, but it doesn't seem to like El Capitan 10.11.1 too well. Even tethered final firmware would be better than a Gen1 machine, I think other than the on-board storage since you get Netflix and other players as well and it uses a lot less power.
The new OpenELEC 5.95.5 is nothing like the old one. It just works, new from the ground up.
Flash it to a usb stick and run it from there. Nothing is wiped on the HDD.

You are very unlikely to get Eden support on the ATV1. Far too much water under the bridge, since then.
You will have to search old forum posts and even then no one will be interested.

Sorry but just telling it like it is.
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