Box for XBMC?

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Predicate Elect
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Information  Box for XBMC?
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I want to know which set top box models are the cheapest, which are the most expensive and some in betweens, the pitfalls if there are any and which you chaps prefer and why.

I'm shooting for a five room set up with a revo.
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Well you should start by looking at the Nvidia ION overview for available choice and to check prices:

The most popular choices are the Acer Revo and the Asrock ION 330, but ultimately your choice depends on your requirements and your budget.
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Predicate Elect
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I was wanting to do better than the revo price wise on the frontends but I don't think thats really going to be happening.
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Kodi - Windows 7_x64 14.2 Helix
OpenELEC - Generic x86_64 v5.0.8
OpenELEC - Raspberry Pi2 v5.0.8
Ember media manger (thx DanCooper)
Media Companion v3.620b (thx Vbat99)
Rashad TVRenamer 0.7 Beta 2/EPnamer v1.45

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Single core acer revo is about the cheapest and best bang for buck you can get.
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