[WINDOWS] HOW-TO use MCE remote in XBMC under Windows the easy way

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rasmu Offline
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Oh you know I had so much problem with GSB, I wanted to help Angel
Actually the only bug I had was with ^!{VK74}, had to replace with ^!{F5}

Last thing you can try if not already done is to change ctrl+alt+F5 with another combination (I use ctrl+win+F5)
If it's still not working, I give up Smile
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bolter Offline
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I have been running the customreg program to setup my rc6 remote for kodi/xbmc for years with no problems. I have now upgraded to windows 10 and the setup now does not work correctly. Kodi no longer starts with the green button anymore.

Any suggestions?

Update: Have got it working. Had to reinstall it as windows 7 not windows 8. All good now.
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chrisallanriley Offline
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I love this workaround. Are they any plans to make it Windows 10 compatible? It's currently the only thing that's stopping me from upgrading my media centre to Windows 10.

Many Thanks

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shuttle Offline
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Many thanks for a great solution for RC6 remotes with XBMC

I had it all installed and running well for many months now. The other day I installed eventghost for use with SkyGo xbmc plugin. After installing eventghost the remote stopped working. I then uninstalled eventghost and still nothing worked. I then reinstalled the IR driver, customreg auto installer and autohotkey but the remote still doesn't work.

I am using an intel nuc D34010WYK with built in CIR which show as Microsoft ehome. I am on XBMC v13 Margo with the AIM RC6 remote with Windows 7 sp1 32-bit.

The nuc can be turn on from the power button on the remote, so I know the two are communicating on a basic level.

Any ideas how to possibly fix this please?



After trying a few things, I realised that I had installed the MCE service for the MCE win7/8 plugin in Eventghost. After going in to the MCE win7/8 plugin and uninstalling the service, everything is back to normal. Hope this helps anyone else with the same problem.
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stephendt Offline
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+1, anyone got this working on Windows 10? No dice here.
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snoxbox Offline
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Hey guys, I've been having issues with this for a while now. Everything works perfectly except I cannot figure out how to bring up the OSD when watching full screen video. I did have it working with the 'Menu' button on my Harmony, but it stopped working about 12 months ago and I've never figured out why. I've been playing around with it today, trying different setups with my Harmony (using MCE Keyboard, MCE Remote, different buttons etc.) with no luck.

Running Windows 8.1 and Kodi 15.2. I've reinstalled customregis. Any tips? This is driving me crazy!

1- What Operating system are you using? Windows 8.1. Final
2- What Remote are using? Is it Microsoft Comaptible or is it Microsoft Certified? Logitech Harmony 650
3- Was the Remote Certified for use with Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7? Not sure
4- What IR receiver are you using? HTPC built-in or a USB one? Did the IR receiver come with your remote or did you buy it separately? Hauppauge MCE USB IR Receiver (ehome) - bought seperately
5- IF you are using a USB IR receiver have you got a built-in IR receiver in your HTPC by any chance? Have you disabled the Built-in IR receiver before using the USB one? No built in
6- Is your IR Receiver listed as "Microsoft eHome Infrared Transceiver" under the "Human Interface Devices" in the "Device Manager"? Microsoft eHome Infrared Transceiver
7- Have you tried any kind of software before trying my customised setup? Have you used any apps like EventGhost before using my setup? This is IMPORTANT, if you used Eventghost in the past you might still have the "Hid service disabled" then you need to Enable the HID service again by UNTICKING "Disable hid Service" in EventGhost. No EventGhost or any other remote software
8- Please let me know which version of the .reg file you used or if you used the Auto installer method? Auto Installer
9- If its Keyboard.xml issue, then please include what version did you use and where did you put it? Also if you changed anything in the Keyboard.xml in the system installation folder of XBMC/Kodi?
10- Finally What XBMC/Kodi version are you using? 15.2
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edterbak Offline
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Im a MediaPortal user. I have always liked Kodi as well, but for some reason I stuck with Mediaportal.

A fellow MP user was having difficulties with the MCE remote. He was troubled with the fact that some keys did nothing after upgrading to the latest version of mediaportal.
Mediaportal recently switched from a dedicated MCE support to the generic HID input handler which also supports MCE remotes, and more.
So it turns out for some users, the MCE remote didnt work 100% after that anymore, so logically the fault was trying to be found in the change in mediaportal.

After some time digging and trying to find the root cause, it seems not to be Mediaportal related, but Windows registry related. So the question now changed from 'what changed in Mediaportal' to 'What changed the Windows (10) registry'. Then one user (Frankbert, thanks) might have found it. On 1 pc he tried kodi with mce plugin, the other pc he didn't.

To be fair, it is not said kodi plugin is 100% sure to be responsible for the change in registry. It is only the first plausible explanation as a cause which presented itself. It could just as easily be another program which did the trick.

In the Mediaportal forum, the question was raised to inform and try to help Kodi with this.
Personally my first question to the kodi dev would be if he/she could confirm the registry change by the MCE plugin.

This is a link to the public MP thread:

This is the default windows 10 HID regs exported.

I am no dev, just a simple tester.
By sharing this information across kodi I hope to help both sides Smile

Kind regards,
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allanmb Offline
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I would like to get my remote control working so I can use play/pause/fwd/rw/stop.

I am running the latest version of Kodi (as I installed it from scratch today) on Windows 10 x64. I have an RC6 remote control (Toshiba version) and have verified that I have the eHome HID driver installed. It is actually an iMon IR receiver which is built into the Silverstone CW03 case.

The remote works, as in, I can control the menus in Kodi but the play/pause/etc do nothing.

I tried the auto install of xbmccustomregis, and also a manual install and it hasnt worked. What do I need to do differently in Windows 10 to get this working with my setup?

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mamachan Offline
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1) With this mod is possible to map "info" button to open context menu o info details?

2)This mod only affects KODI or also on all other programs that use the remote control (MediaPortal, PDVD, etc ....)?

3) you can return to your original settings at any time?

S/O Win7 64bit
Reciver: http://www.cohaus-berlin.de/shop/RC6-Inf...D::27.html
Remote Control: Microsoft Media Center Remote Control (Microsoft with Teletext - Microsoft Logo at bottom of remote and on receiver, plus Red,Green,Yellow,Blue and a 'teletext' button. )

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