[RELEASE] Last.FM Playlist Generator Script - Auto Generate Similar Music Playlists

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(2015-04-08 23:55)DarkHelmet Wrote:  Thanks for working on this wonderful script. What exactly did you optimize? Do you have any further plans? It would be major cool, if the addon could also query my music videos (and prefer a music video if one is found, add it to the playlist and use a music video for further searches at last.fm, just as if it was a music file). Adding videos to a music playlist will hopefully become fully implemented in Isengard.

I'm added 2 parameters :
- Minimum Play Count (default : 100) => upper selecting better songs
- Minimum Percentage Similarity (default : 2%) => lower selecting better similar songs
I'm modfied the search algorithm :
When the similar songs in last.fm under 10 results, find approximate track name and artist name of current played songs and foreach result find similar tracks.
I'm added French translate Angel.
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