keymap config to set viewtype by remote

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mstef Wrote:OK, here you are. I create a keymap to get change view by pressing a button on remote or keyboard. As I don't use teletext I use this four colour buttons to go into specific view and I use teletext button to view cycle. Colour buttons I use only in video library, music library and pictures. In other dialogs works only teletext switch to cycle views. If you want you can modify this as you want.

So how to get specific view:

list - remote red or keyboard 1
thumbnails - remote green or keyboard 2
slide poster or cover - remote yellow or keyboard 3 (video & music only)
slide fanart - remote blue or keyboard 4 (video only)
thumbail small grid - keyboard 5 (video only)
gallery - keyboard 6 (video & pictures only)
gallery fullscreen - keyboard 7 (video & pictures only)

cycle views - remote teletext or keyboard 0

Here is my keymap for reFocus (for other skins you should modify the containers id's). Put it in the userdata\keymaps folder and restart xbmc. I tested it on my keyboard and asrock 330ht with remote.

Thanks to Hitcher who give me a clue.