[UNSUPPORTED] Advanced Launcher - Applications Launcher Addon for XBMC

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(Today 03:50)Angelscry Wrote:  Advanced Launcher as now reached maturity. It's actually a popular add-on used by a lot of users, and the last bug report has been posted 7 months ago. The only known bug, due to random listitem flush, that cause launchers.xml corruption is due to Kodi and have been reported to devellopers 2 years ago. The only support that I have given during last time was not related to Advanced Launcher but to skins (that do not display the right informations) or to applications (that users do not know how to use their command line). I'm not interested to give this kind of support.

Hey, that's pretty cool. I actually prefer using it to RCB, because more skins support it and it's more "general purpose", though my experience with RCB has helped me setup Advanced Launcher properly (i.e. to work with RetroArch). This thread has been very useful and I've found answers here for most of the hiccups I encountered.

I just hope further Kodi versions don't break its functionality, though.
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