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Full Version: Convergence - A Vertical Confluence Mod
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Convergence – A Vertical Mod of Confluence for Gotham


Convergence has been revived to run on Gotham for those that prefer a vertical menu system. Basically the same as my other mods in that Confluence gets mangled about, some ideas are improvements while others are a disaster Smile

It's a WIP mod so things are constantly changing.

Can be installed from Hybrid Repo
Thanks! I'm a huge fan of the vertical home menu. I never saw the appeal of a horizontal home.

Is there any way to change the home background per menu item?
Not ATM, takes quite a whack of code due to the customisable menu and I was trying to slim the whole thing down, but I'm also a fan of individual backgrounds so we can put it on the to-do list.
Will this overwrite an existing install of Convergence skin?
I am still running your original and it works with Gotham.
Screen shots?
(2014-05-07, 00:57)AikenDrum Wrote: [ -> ]Will this overwrite an existing install of Convergence skin?
I am still running your original and it works with Gotham.

Yes, Didn't think anyone would still be running the original Big Grin

You would have to rename the original skin directory to "skin.convergence.orig. Then edit the addon.xml file with notepad++ and change





name="Orig Convergence"

Then you should be able to run the new version. Bear in mind it's a complete re-write and is a long way behind the original.

(2014-05-07, 03:26)Scott00007 Wrote: [ -> ]Screen shots?

ATM have lost the FTP password to my own website Big Grin Don't use it much only for screenshots now. Will try to reorganise over the weekend.
(2014-05-07, 03:26)Scott00007 Wrote: [ -> ]Screen shots?

Added one to first post, main home menu with music playing in background. ATM the rest of the MOD is pretty much plain Confluence (For Now)
Thanks Mudislander, I now have both the original & the new version from your repo.

The new version has a bit of a problem on Openelec, at the homescreen no menu items show up at all.
On Windows 7 they show up fine.

Edit: Deleted and reinstalled now they show up on Openelec
thanks for this! I'm going to try and add a record button for dreamcatcher. That add on works great on confluence. I'm another fan of the vertical menu!
I recently updated to Gotham and love this new convergence. However, If I am looking at my TV library and am in 'Media Info' mode (or any display that uses fanart) the fan art for the show does not display. It only shows a default XBMC image. Any ideas?
Screenshot here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/h8s3jcri8iyetk....51.21.png
Seems there was a slight issue with fanart on the last update, I've fixed it and will release an update in a few days.
Been playing with adding a few settings to use Convergence as a UPnP Client. It's still work in progress but has possibilities considering the limitations of using a UPnP server.

I'm happy with the connection to a XBMC UPnP server, but other servers don't supply the amount of information we now expect to be displayed.

The original idea has come from [MOD] UPnP Client Skin by matt_ric - Thanks Wink

To set up Convergence to use UPnP Client Mode is easy. First enable the setting in Skin Settings. Then as per screenie browse for your server under UPnP Devices - Make sure they are setup first - Instructions for XBMC server are elsewhere in the forum and Wiki.


Once enabled you will be able to browse for your server.


Once you have clicked your server of choice you can select OK at the screen that shows what the server is presenting - Eg: XBMC


Or from my Windows Home Server and Win7 machines


Once selected you will need to select the type of server in Convergence's skin settings by clicking on the button. ATM the only choices are XBMC and Windows


If anyone is interested in helping out I need more paths from different servers which can be found by going further down the UPnP server tree. You can see that the path changes.

The initial server address as seen in above screenie


By going further into the directory structure eg: Video Library you get


So obviously on my XBMC Server the Video Library is


These are the bits I need for everything other servers offer.
Any chance of TV Tunes integration?
How badly do you want it, personally I haven't included it because of issues in kicking off the music viz when it starts and I'm not sure about the way it now plays the tunes while still browsing the main TVShows list. Much preferred the older version Wink
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