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Full Version: Zotac ZBOX BI320 *Opinion please* Too good to be true?
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Hi All,
I was browsing for an XBMC / KODI box for a friend and came across this Zotac Barebones box


Zotac ZBOX B1320 comes with the celeron 2957u (similar to the Chromebox)

I have the following questions, This is a barebones package but the specs confuse me. It states 0 RAM is included but 64GB SSD is and it mentions Windows 8.1 with Bing. I'm confused if the specs show what it comes with or what is supports. To me it looks like eveything except RAM is included but seems too good to be true.
I am after some second opinions on the specs and what may be included. I have emailed CCL as well. If all you need to do is add RAM then this looks like a good deal to me. Would this make a good xbmc box?

Looks like the real deal. Nice find Smile
Wonder if it have BT.
That's really good price assuming they haven't mixed the model with 64GB mSATA SSD and Win 8.1:


up with the model which doesn't include the 64GB mSATA SSD or Win 8.1:

Agreed jjd. Either the specs are mixed up or it is truly a bargain. One thing is though if they have messed up the specs they have not included the ram also which comes with the other version.
researching a bit more, it seems this may be the B1320-B version that is barebones with HDD and OS but no RAM, found it for sale on another website for similar price.


I think I'm gonna take the plunge on the CCL computers one and see...Can get 2GB RAM for £15 so total cost looks like £110 for all in one solution running openelec. If you want to keep Windows your gonna need to get 4GB which is another £15
Good bang for the buck for a Win8.1 box. Wink

Nice comprehensive review here:

Amazon also have em for $160 USD with Win 8.1, 64GB SSD and 2GB included if pre ordered.

A cheap Bluetooth USB Dongle is the only extra possibly needed.
Maybe FLIRC too if you want IR remote control for Kodi.
Okay got a response from ccl. They pointed me to the below link as confirmation of specs. http://www.zotac.com/products/mini-pcs/z...-bing.html
I pointed out that this version also come with ram while their listing does not. I asked if it also comes with ram. Fingers crossed it's an all on one solution. Cause i just ordered it .

Edit. Ccl confirmed their listing is incorrect and it should list the ram as per the manufacturer website they linked. So it's an all in one solution ready out of the box.... Happy days. I have ordered. I may even order a few more for friends.
Current I would not consider Windows 8.1 on any box that is running xbmc. We have no active dev that is doing DXVA work on Windows 8.1
You won't find a better priced Haswell Celeron solution in the UK so it's worth it even if you end up wiping Win 8.1 and loading OpenElec.
can't you transfer the windows copy to another machine?
$139.99 @ Newegg today. It's their a Shell Shocker deal. link
Yeah with 2GB ram only I am going to wipe it and run. openelec. Will post a review once u get it in the new year.
I ordered mine! Could not pass on this one... My AFTV might be going back.

$139 + tax + ship = $160 total price.

Added: Kept AFTV after all instead...
Intel's website says the only difference between the 2957U in this ZBOX B1320 and 2955U in the Chromebox is that the 2957U has Quick Sync whereas the 2955U doesn't. Am I missing something or is Intel not being forthcoming? I seem to recall Intel previously listed the 2955U as supporting Quick Sync. Huh
Well just day that the ccl one is now not available. I'm hoping it's just to update the details that they confirmed to me via email was incorrect. I hope it's not that they realised it was a complete mistake and is indeed just a barebones.

Shabuboy.. Is that the Newegg one? Do they ship to UK?
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