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Full Version: Music Media Helper App (Tools for Concerts & Audio)
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Sounds great. The beta is ready but I’m just tweaking the docs a little after reading over this evening.

I’ll message you a link in about 12 hrs.

Sure, take all the time you need. I'm in no hurry.  I will probobly watch the discs this evening anyway and start ripping on sunday or so.
I did a ‘How to’ doc recently on converting discs to audio including keeping the original audio streams to playback Atmos, TrueHD and DTS-HD in Kodi. I just took a look and it needs to be updated with doing Concert disc and getting them into Kodi.

I’ll do that update tomorrow I hope, in time for your Sunday session.

Here’s the current How To covering audio into Kodi. I use m4a as it can be tagged easily and the tags are supported by Kodi’ audio library.

Wow, the guide looks real good. Very usefull for users new to this.
This screen capture video is from Music Media Helper 4.2 which is about to be released in next couple of days (Beta testers wanted PM me please)

How to Split Concert MKV rips into Chapters (song files), auto Rename/Tag, Scrape and auto generate NFO files for Kodi's music video library:

It was captured from a 1920 x 1080 screen and is hard to read on small monitors.
Music Media Helper 4.2.0 released

Version 4.2.0 (May 13 2021) 

New Features:
Music Video Concert Scraper: Now supports fetching Performer images & more metadata. NFO Editor added.
Split & Rename Concerts: The new Music Video Concert Scraper is integrated into the Rename command
MusicBrainz Tagging: User can now enter a MusicBrainz ReleaseID in the Album Name textbox fetch data
MusicBrainz Tagging: Added support for track artist in all tools using MusicBrainz
Track Name Editor: Add new Remove option: Remove '(Text in Brackets)'
Track Name Editor: Added support for editing the track artist 
MKV Chapter Editor: Now uses the Track Editor dialog
Play List Editor: Added support for adding track(s) from a CUE file to a Playlist (for Kodi)
Play List Editor: Added file duration to playlist view
Batch Creation Tools: Scraping has new options for auto saving
Updated 3rd Party UI components
Updated PDF docs

MusicBrainz Tagging: Searching with artist name 'Various Artists' would not return releases - fixed
Play List Editor: Dragging files from Explorer would not insert files at selected position - fixed
Rename & Tag tool: If only use new 'Add Files' button (added in 4.1.11) 'Rename' & 'Tag' gives error - fixed
Rename & Tag tool: Loading MKV and MKA files in 'Video' mode did not load existing tags into the grid - fixed
Rename & Tag tool: Loading MKV and MKA files tags with '&amp' not changed to '&" - fixed
Music Media Helper 4.2.1 released

Version 4.2.1 (May 26 2021)
New Features:
Batch Creation Tools: Added recursive auto Creation of CUE files for Kodi Music Video folders
Batch Creation Tools: Added recursive auto Check for CUE creation Kodi Music Video folders
Split & Rename Concerts tool: Added option to export to MP4 (tagging supported)
Chapter Editor: Added support for MP4
Extract Audio from MKV tool: Now supports converting multiple M4A files to MKA and FLAC

Edit Chapters in MKV tool renamed to 'Chapter Editor' (now supports MP4 chapters)
Improvements to tagging workflow in Split & Rename concerts
Extract Audio from MKV tool: Last Output type is set on opening the tool
Chapter Editor: Attempts to load Artist and Album (or Concert) name from existing NFO or folder name
Chapter Editor: Add track artist supports where track artist not same as album artist - new
Track Name Editor, Rename & Tag tool etc: Added Unicode support when pasting from a website
MMH: Added unicode support for CUE and NFO files
Updated mkvtoolnix components
Updated PDF docs

Batch Creation Tools: Creation of NFO files did not run in recent builds - fixed
Chapter Editor: MKV Chapter times were a few milliseconds out - fixed
Chapter Editor: Chapter names with Unicode characters were shown incorrectly - fixed
Extract Audio from MKV tool: Failed to convert multiple input MKVs if contained only 1 audio stream - fixed
Track Name Editor: Display of multi artist release tracks fixed
Music Media Helper 4.2.2 released

Version 4.2.2 (May 30 2021)
Chapter Editor: Now supports drag & drop of MKV, MKA and MP4 files into editor

Split & Join MKV files tool: Chapters were removed from source files during merge - fixed
Chapter Editor: Failed to locate external tools on some systems - fixed

This was missed in the last version change log:

New Features:
Split & Join MKV files tool: Now supports batch Merging of MKV and MKA files, chapter generation & CUE creation
@HomerJau Just a thought, but have you considered building this under mono (https://www.mono-project.com/)?  That would give you cross-platform compatibility as f.e. Linux users just need the Mono runtime library to be able to run such applications.
Thanks for the link, I haven’t looked at mono for a very long time.

I’m planning to move MMH from .NET Framework 4.8 (Windows only) to .NET Core 5/6 which is/will be supported on Win, MacOS and Linux. MMH uses a few .NET libraries including its UI which are supported in .NET Core 5 now and will be in upcoming .NET 6.

.NET Core 5 does not have a UI but I’ve already tried porting some non UI classes and although it’s not automatic, only a small amount of code needs changing (so far..)

.NET 6 is due for release in November and will have a UI (code named MAUI). Pre-releases due every month through to official release. MAUI info here: https://devblogs.microsoft.com/dotnet/in...rm-app-ui/

So my plan is to continue moving MMH to .NET 5 over next 3 or 4 months, releasing a .net 5 version when done (still Windows only) but ready for the .NET 6 November release.

Then when .NET 6 is stable I’ll start releasing MMH MacOS and Linux versions, initially with limited tools, over the following few weeks as alpha/betas.

Having said all that: I may have an immediate use for Mono, to role out a cutdown MacOS version with just a couple of tools for the MAC users over on QuadraphonicQuad forum...  Unlike Kodi users, who are more tech savvy, many QQ’ers need a simple UI driven solution to do anything/everything. I get many more requests for MacOS than Linux on QQ, MacOS being perceived as a simpler environment by less tech savvies I think.
Music Media Helper 4.2.3 released

Version 4.2.3 (June 8 2021)
Musicbrainz Tag lookup: Artist disambiguation now via new pop-up list (faster)
Rename & Tag tool: Added support for Musicbrainz IDs: Artist, Release and ReleaseGroup
Rename & Tag tool: Added support for DiscNo and DiscSubtitle tags
Rename & Tag tool: Now saves and restores last grid column layout between sessions
Extract Audio from MKV tool: Added support for Musicbrainz IDs: Artist, Release and ReleaseGroup
Extract Audio from MKV tool: Added support for DiscNo asnd DiscSubtitle tags
Extract Audio from MKV tool: Now supports drag & drop of mutiple MKV, MKA and M4A files into tool grid
Extract Audio from MKV tool: Now saves and restores last grid column layout between sessions
Batch Audio tool: Added new option to scan & reports Musicbrainz IDs for audio files recursively
Batch Audio tool: Analyzing Embedded Cover Art now displays embedded cover art dimensions

I've added support for tagging MusicBrainzIDs and DiscSubTitles to MMH's tagging grids (includes support for .m4A files):


And a new Recursive Batch tool to help find audio files without MusicBrainzIDs:
@HomerJau Error for me in 4.2.3 and currently unable to Split MKV into Chapter Files mkv's (I deleted previous versions of MMH so not able to roll back to previous release)

Confirm Selection of Audio (Error occurs)



Had not checked to see if there was update available (There was Blush ) updated to 4.2.4 and above issue is resolved. Cool
Music Media Helper 4.2.6 released

Version 4.2.6 (June 19 2021)
New Feature:
Rename Audio Folders: Added new option to move from 'ARTIST\ALBUM' folders to 'ALBUM - ARTIST' folders (recursive music folder renaming and file moving)

Join and Split Audio tool: Incorrect Media file name in CUE, Genre not saved & other issues - fixed

Launcher dialog: Added new minimise button

Other recent updates:

Version 4.2.5 (June 15 2021)
New Features:
Join and Split Audio tool: Added new Silence Finder to create CUE track start times from silence duration/levels

Extract Audio from MKV tool: Now supports Drag and Drop of input MKV, MKA and CUE files
Join and Split Audio tool: Now supports splitting from a CUE file
Updated PDF docs

Version 4.2.4 (June 10 2021)
MusicBraiinz Tagging: Failed to return tracks (bug introduced in previous 4.2.3) - fixed
Hi i'm using Version 4.2.9 and I am having this problem using chapter editor.
I opened the file ( Bauhaus - Gotham) entered the number of chapters clicked apply. Then clicked  Get Chapters from MB. I entered the Artist & Album name then got this error message - see pic red box (click to expand)


Is it a bug or am I doing something wrong
Apologies. I just saw your post now.

I’ll check this out tomorrow. I’ve not seen this error previously and wondering if the MusicBrainz server was down went you sent the request.

What version of Windows are you using?
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