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Our address has been kodi.tv for several years now.
Not sure why you are using a different domain.
Grammar: "Maybe you want stream your favourite" s/b "Maybe you want to stream your favourite"
(2017-04-03, 17:29)Kib Wrote: [ -> ]^^ This I do not understand. The old link was the same so you wouldn't have had to update anything!
The http took me to wiki page but https took me to the new page.
(2017-04-04, 03:33)natethomas Wrote: [ -> ]kimkl, there's a dedicated news page. https://kodi.tv/blog
Thx Chief, i missed that one very nicely done, and "no coffee break lags" nice everything in one place Big Grin and the page loads and scroll extremely smooth" how the heck did you pull that off, i mean when i go to MSN
and read the news its laggy images load choppy and mess up everything.

So ill cross that one off my list, thx Chief, I am very impressed with how you brought Kodi into the 21'Century and now your new Website UI has joined the future also, you got some amazing people doing amazing "no pay check" work

I remember when i first installed XBMC some 8 or 9 years ago, i hated it, because it crashed constantly so why did it crash so much, well because i did what all the idi.. wops lets keep it clean so ill correct myself i did what everyone who has a post in the Junk "thrash" forum does, installed everything i could find on the web.

Well those days are over, i have grown up hmmm okay that won't hold water in a bucket with holes, so lets say i learned not to just blindly install what ever i could find.

ofc that took a couple years, but i learned the error of my ways.

And with Kodi 17 i was blown away what a leap from XBMC to Kodi, it can now hold its own against most Media Center Players, and its free amazing.
Thx for a job well done i enjoy the "no coffee break" load time of the new Website UI its smooth and how a modern site should look, and thx for Kodi 17.1 i enjoy my FREE media center very much in fact i never use PowerDVD 16 which cost me a small fortune, because Kodi does it better.

Yes the Blu ray menu function would be a nice thing to have working, but i would also like to win a Million dollars, so is life Big Grin
Darn i seemed to have gone a bit AWOL from Topic, i apologize for that.
Thank you
Found a Bug here
Clicking the
gives me
The address wasn’t understood
its the bottom post
A Note on Development and other XBMC Foundation-related News

The only place to receive official news from Team XBMC/Kodi and the XBMC Foundation regarding Kodi development is via http://kodi.tv. There are numerous great fan-created and even team member-created sites out there that also focus on providing XBMC-related content and info. These other sites should be considered unofficial and do not represent the XBMC Foundation or Team XBMC/Kodi. If you are uncertain as to whether a piece of news is official, don’t hesitate to email Contact AT kodi.tv.

The link http://kodi.tv is trying to go for official:Media_center_logos
Big Grin that will never work hehe you need to go to page and try for your self my copy paste of the section did not bring the faulty link with it, so clicking in my post will not show anything except what the link should have done

Thanks for the report. Due to cache, it might take some time to correctly display for you.
Yea easy fix should have been https://kodi.tv but seems the s was on a coffee break Big Grin
@h.udo i tried loading page in edge i use FF i still can't load the link, i thought it was the s missing but the http://kodi.tv should ofc work hmm i prob need to clear my temp files
No it doesn't
looking at the source code
<div class="paragraphs-items paragraphs-items-field-blocks paragraphs-items-field-blocks-full paragraphs-items-full" class="paragraphs-items paragraphs-items-field-blocks paragraphs-items-field-blocks-full paragraphs-items-full">
Seems its missing </div> to close argument.

But my Website coding skills are perhaps not up to date so excuse me if i am wrong, i know most of you guys know you bizz very well Big Grin
Well my Browsers seem to be having an off day same goes for my brain.

This was prob the page link was suppose to ref to
Ill stop meddling, and give advise to "coders" who know more about coding a website then i will ever know.

Ill stick to finding broken links.
Thank You Big Grin
If i post every bug in a separate message.

I found another

gives me
Cloudflare error
Error 521 Ray ID: 34a670f63a433cc5 • 2017-04-04 18:48:20 UTC
Web server is down

but website is still working, so not sure whats up

Another one
The friends links at the bottom
The connection has timed out
times out and will not load webpage

Same place as the trouble with the logo links this line
don’t hesitate to email Contact AT kodi.tv.
Needs to be change to
don’t hesitate to email [email protected]kodi.tv.

I looked at the source code of some of the pages, and it looks like there might be a " to much in these lines
<div class="l-content-bottom"">
<div class="l-content-top"">
its small things has no real influence on the website, but right now that argument is not working, as it should.
And i found several stray </div> at the end of the pages, it should prob go back to the

<div class="paragraphs-items paragraphs-items-field-blocks paragraphs-items-field-blocks-full paragraphs-items-full" class="paragraphs-items paragraphs-items-field-blocks paragraphs-items-field-blocks-full paragraphs-items-full">
Seems its missing </div> to close argument.

"did i mention my coding skills in CSS, are under 10% but i like coding/making website and always did it with notepad or notepad++ if possible"
I will let you Guys go to work now, and stop pretending i am a 1337 Coder/Website builder Big Grin

I will post some more misbehaving links tomorrow once the "TK" look my findings over and see if they hold water. or Sand
I have no idea what that last sentence mean Big Grin.

Thank You
I know rant a lot even about stuff i have no idea about, i just like to have an opinion about a lot of things, even when i am wrong.
Big Grin
I'm really sorry to be disagreeable. I'm not trying to be negative here, just offer my honest opinion.

I don't think that the new website enhances usability or discover-ability. I won't comment on whether or not I think the new website is nice to look at, I'll just focus on how easy it is for users to use the site, and find information.

This is written from a Desktop's perspective, with keyboard and mouse.

To scroll from the top of the page to the bottom of the page with my mouse wheel takes 7 exaggerated finger swipes on my mouse wheel. That's a huge amount of vertical space with much less content than there used to be, as far as I can tell. It's a bit hard to compare with the old site having been replaced.

For every section of the page, roughly speaking half of the page is left unused.

The top section's slide show gives no indication that it's a slideshow beyond the three dots. Clicking on "tell me more" was expected to take me to the next slide, but instead loaded a new page. The automatic transition time is too long, and the transition is very subtle, so if you're not sitting and waiting for it, you'll miss that it's transitioning. Clicking and dragging to the left or right will transition, but you basically have to move the mouse all the way across the screen. My advice is to increase the contrast between the different slides, and provide an indication that it's a slideshow, such as with arrow buttons, so that the user knows they can interact with that page element.

Instead of having a second page, why not move the different tiles at the bottom of the tell me more page into slides for the main page?

When the page first loads, the second section only has half of it's text. There's no indication to the user that there's anything below the "fold" to scroll down to.

As the user continues scrolling, the likelihood for them to continue reading decreases drastically. If the user has no idea what Kodi is, at this point they're trying to figure out either why they should care, or how to get it. The information below the first "page" or screen worth of content is relatively not useful for them, so they'll probably only scroll down to see if the answer to their question is down there. My opinion is that by the third finger-swipe on their mouse's scroll wheel they'll have already stopped caring and moved to a different website.

On the first section, first slide, the text "Kodi is the ultimate entertainment center" <- Ok, where do I buy it? Oh, I can't buy it from you? What do you mean it's not a product? You just said it was an entertainment center?

After clicking "tell me more"

Kodi wants to entertain you <- Ok? How does that tell me more?

Kodi spawned from the love of media. <- What does "spawned" mean? Is it a thing I can buy or not?

It is an entertainment hub that brings all your digital media together into a beautiful and user friendly package. <- Ok, cool, it's a hub of some kind. Where do I get this hub?

It is 100% free and open source, very customisable and runs on a wide variety of devices. <- What's open source? Why is your product free?

I'll stop there, but as I said, most people are only looking at what they can see right on the page to try to determine if they care. By the time they've finished interacting with the first prominent user interface element, and the webpage that that element takes them to, they've spent at least 30 seconds, and learned a lot about what this "Kodi thing" claims to do, or how it came into existance, but they don't know what it *IS*, they don't know how to get it, and they don't understand what the value proposition is to them.

To actually get to a description of what Kodi *is*, they have to navigate to a second page, and then scroll down to the second "screen" of the second page. Note also that the second page ALSO has no indication that there is anything below the "fold". Less interested, or sophisticated users, will just exit the page at this point, since there's nothing telling them that there's more to read and they've so far failed to find a reason to care.

I came to the http://kodi.tv website today to read the "blog", to see the latest information about recent events in the Kodi project. Finding the latest project information took me through this process:

1. Get to the webpage. Ok what's going on, this is totally different than the last time I was here.
2. Woah, ok, I'm zoomed all the way in for some reason, wow I basically can't see anything but some dimmed out picture. Don't care, pictures aren't news.
3. Scroll down. Wow there's a lot of vertical space here. Not seeing what I'm looking for. *scroll scroll scroll*
4. 30 scrolls (not exaggerating, I just counted again) later, I'm at the bottom. I didn't see anything about "blog", maybe I missed it.
5. Where's the menu? There's no menu? Why not...?
6. Click and drag scroll bar to the top of page
7. Ok, there's one of those stupid hamburger icons at the top left of the page. Maybe that's a menu icon. Why does it take up so much space on the screen? Meh I'll click it.
8. Woah, the menu takes up half the screen
9. Cool, found "news". Hrmm, why isn't there a download button? Did Kodi switch from a software project to a hardware sales group, like what happened with Plex?
10. Scroll down. Oh, na, ok the download button was hidden below the "fold".
11. Ok, news, found it.

I could do more deconstruction of the design, but I'll stop while I'm ahead. Hope my suggestions and observations help for any future efforts.
(2017-04-04, 15:57)Jackanory Wrote: [ -> ]Grammar: "Maybe you want stream your favourite" s/b "Maybe you want to stream your favourite"

Thanks, fixed
@jonesmz thanks for the feedback, you have some good points for future improvement there
(2017-04-04, 21:07)jonesmz Wrote: [ -> ]I'm really sorry to be disagreeable. I'm not trying to be negative here, just offer my honest opinion.
I agree with some of the things the insane scrolling is true Big Grin but i also spent a lot of time on the 10Forums, scrolling through endless post's
so i am kinda use to it, but i think if the top drop-down panel was used fully the scrolling could be cut to a minimum, it was one of my arguments

The News drop-down is not used optimal, it could be used to go to "section" of the page, that goes for some of the other buttons to, but website is still new.
When i was Co Administrating the WoW Forum we had on the Zboards, we constantly developed it adding new stuff or fixing some coding errors like some i found will post them shortly in my own post, but there are several options make a sidebar "personally hate those" but that is just me.

I would do something else, right now the top drop down bar is locked in place, and that is a waste of the potential and fun you could do with it, why not make it floating and follow the top of your screen, and "I will get scolded for this" Make the Forum user able to add there own links to the "floating will never happen bar"
Now this is a huge undertaking so many things can go wrong i know i did them all, but it could save some finger pains to "expand" the top bar, make it user editable "hmm not sure how to spell that but i do not mean EAT the bar" and make it "Never going to happen floating"

Thank You
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