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Full Version: Faster Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+
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The Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ launched today an updated board adds a faster processor, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet while retaining the $35 price point.

Still no HEVC hardware decoding, in case anyone wondered, as I did.
And I assume still no HD audio.
HD Audio and HEVC will great..
And... most importantly, it still fits in a Kodi branded Flirc case 😃😃
(2018-03-14, 18:26)ashlar Wrote: [ -> ]Still no HEVC hardware decoding, in case anyone wondered, as I did.
 HEVC hardware decoding requires major revision. This is just minor "+" revision. (maybe not so minor in some regards but still...)

Also I think open royalty free codec AV1 would be more attractive to the foundation.
Pi does HD audio.
Is the pi a good live tv client? Pretty sure I will have to buy the mpeg2 decoder but that isn’t an issue. Will not use it for movies or anything, just live tv and time shifting.
Cannot believe I can say this, but I’m going to upgrade my two HTPCS at a cost of £64..... and not do a reinstall!

10+ years ago, I nearly bought an Xbox to do the same in one room running XBMC, shows how times have moved on!

I’m hoping I can watch HD via WiFi with these, as the 5Ghz boost should do it hopefully. Also the new shiny on the Soc should help cool the pi even more too.

Thanks to @Milhouse for testing! (Just read the pi blog)
@hick the pi is a very good live tv client when you have a TVheadend backend. Even with HD content. With Kodi, there is no need for extra codecs either, it works straight out of the box as it were.
Will be using nextpvr but I assume it will be same end point. Already got one on order for testing, thanks
The need to buy a codec depends what codec is broadcast.

If the broadcaster uses mpeg2 (as most older systems incl USA use) then the pi SHOULD decode and deinterlace OK, but will work better with the hardware mpeg2 codec, which costs bugger all.

If the broadcaster uses j264 then the codec is built into RPI at no extra cost.
It is the same end point, I was using TVHeadend as an example as its bundled with libreelec, but any tv backend that is supported in Kodi will give you the same result.

@nickr unfortunately the basis of my answer is that I’m in the UK, which a default LE/Kodi setup works straight out of the box no added codec needed. Keep forgetting that.... oops ☹️
What codec does your broadcaster use?
For SD MP2, isn’t that mpeg2? If so, I’m now well confused!

For HD H.264

For the record, I haven’t bought or setup the codecs VC1 etc for the Pi, so can rule that out. I have used both NextPvr TVH and used the Hdhomerun addon, all of which work without anything external.

Miffed is an understatement now!

Getting this info straight from Kodi, as I haven’t done anything at all to the streams
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