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Full Version: XBMC Connected - Skin Release Thread
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Cromity what resolution are you using?
In Episode view the watched icons is displayed to the right of the title.
i'm on 4x3 resolution.

oops, didn't realise that was what i should've been looking at for episodes, all makes sense now!

thanks for the help
Yep, yellow is watched grey is unwatched.
I'm still looking into that buffering issue.
Can you show me the same buffering screens using PMIII?
I'm having trouble getting BBC plugin to work Confused

I moved buffering to the upper left. It's in SVN.
Hi Wir3d,

Are you in UK? BBC plug in is for UK only, based on your ip. I've also got the same effect with apple movie trailers script, so seems any streaming video is the same...

I think the new position for the buffering dialogue works well and is less intrusive than old position.

the PM3 screen is below with the buffering dialogue at the bottom.

cromity123 Wrote:Are you in UK? BBC plug in is for UK only, based on your ip.

That would probably explain it. I am from USA.
Since it's also happening with AMT I'll assume it's a skin problem and get right on it!

By the way is the busy dialog fixed with new version of XBMC?
I haven't loaded it on XBOX yet to see.

Buffering label is fixed in revision 1850.
hi wir3d

i like what you've done with the buffer label, not as snazzy but more practical

busy dialog is fixed too, it doesn't show the weird background anymore, although there's some funny flickering at the edges of the "please wait" box.

would it be possible to put the "please wait" box back in the centre of the screen? it moved a few revs back (probably as a result of my complaining about the buffering dialog) but now i'm thinking it might look better in the middleBig Grin
Yeah buffering doesn't seem to work correctly with images.
Might have to look into that some time.

Busy was moved back to center earlier today (Revision 1851).
As you said there is still an issue with the corner and I have submitted the problem to jmarshal. Hopefully he comes up with something!
Added new view today "Extent" in revision 1853.
Getting an error, No Servers Available with Requested Data on Them. Maybe it's a mediafire issue. Will try to download again in a few minutes...

Added alternate RapidShare link to frist post.
autostart playslist added? without this im dont use it Sad

i love your skin man!
Playlist at startup has been added on Skin Options --> Extras
It's in SVN but I don't have time to upload a new build at the moment.
thanks man! downloading at RapidSVN Tongue

my new favorite skin!

do you tell me how put startup playlist? i want it on Horizons too...

thanks again!
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