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I am trying out mediaportal back end with kodi frontend. I am using eminence skin. Is there a way to get the recording options dialog to choose recoding options like seen with confluence skin? When I was trying nextpvr backend with eminence skin someone provided a recordingprefs.XML file that enabled this dialog for eminence skin with nextpvr.
Same as for nextpvr. Somebody has to make an adapted version of the DialogRecordSettings.xml that will work for Eminence.
I cannot support all skins since that would be too much work, but I'm happy to add Eminence if somebody can provide me with an adapted and working skin file.

Currently supported skins can be found in this folder: pvr.mediaportal.tvserver/addon/resources/skins
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How is the series recording dialog supposed to work? I ask because I'm not too sure I've installed the file correctly.

When I click on timer (I'm using Aeon Nox), I was expecting to see 'Series' in the options for recording, but I can only see the standard ones - Once, Daily, Weekly, Weekends etc.

Try using the default skin. It gives more options for setting a series recording, although it isn't clear to me how these map onto the MediaPortal series schedules.

I guess the problem here is that Kodi should be consistent across all PVR front-ends, and yet those of us coming from the MediaPortal camp would prefer it to act like MediaPortal.

Hopefully this comment won't be perceived as too controversial, but I think in terms of the design, MediaPortal has pretty much got the basics right. There is definitely room for improvement in terms of setting schedules, but the basics are good. You have a given (named) program. You might want to record every time it is shown on one channel, on every channel, etc. I think it is well worth looking very closely at how MediaPortal handles the TV side of things.

After all, when MediaPortal was forked from XBMC, way back in the day, PVR functionality was a major reason for doing this. The MediaPortal team have a lot of experience in that area, and there isn't much point re-inventing the wheel.

What you have is a much more responsive, portable Media Centre, and I suspect the code base is cleaner. Certainly MediaPortal suffers from spaghetti code and is hard to maintain/fix. God knows I've tried, many times.

I think that a straightforward implementation of the various types of MediaPortal schedule within the Kodi front end would be a good start.

Longer term, the problem is more complicated. If you want to make the front-end set schedules in a way that isn't the way the TV server was designed to do, you would probably need to implement scheduling as part of the server plugin, to have an abstraction layer between the client and the server. I don't see a simpler possibility.

Some MediaPortal plugins (MyTVWishList) already do something like this.

Sorry if this comes across as me telling you that MediaPortal have got it right. Obviously I wouldn't be here if I thought that was entirely the case.

What I will do over the next week or so is try to set various types of schedule on the Kodi client, and see what is set on the MediaPortal TV server. Maybe documenting the outcome in this way will help people understand how this works. As far as I can tell, this isn't properly documented, and maybe I can help in this respect.

Best wishes,

I went back to Confluence - the recording dialog was just the same, the only options being Once, Weekdays, Weekends, Weekly and' this programme'.

I cant see that changing DialogRecordSettings.xml has done anything!
@archie456: that is already the correct dialog.
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Hey mcelliott,

In terms of mapping the Kodi pop-up settings to the mediaportal equivalent, I just posted a little info about the two mediportal series recording options in another thread, before I saw this one.

The important part is:
For Mediaportal's "Record every time on this channel" the setup in Kodi should be:
Frequency = Record Daily (This program)
Airtime = Anytime
Channels = This Channel

For Mediaportal's "Record every time on every channel" the setup for Kodi should be:
Frequency = Record Daily (This program)
Airtime = Anytime
Channels = Any Channel

Hope this helps

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