"Use channel order from backend(s)" option not really working
Easy question... I'm running MediaPortal complete suite for many years, but I wanted to test Kodi in a new Android TV BOX.

All went quite straighforward, and I can watch livetv with no problems. But channels are ordered in alphabetical order, rather that in server order. Is this setting working for this MediaPortal addon?

Settings/PVR & LiveTV/General/Use Channel order from backend

Are you saying then that setting does not work with MediaPorta?
you have to enter the channel numbers in mp server configuration.
(2019-12-01, 12:32)tklon Wrote: you have to enter the channel numbers in mp server configuration.
Well... In deed that's a way, but if MP add-on lets you use server side order... It should work. But it doesn't.

On the other hand, If you have a channel in more than one group (which I have), you have a problem because you can't assign different numbers for each group.
I'm back configuring a new box (nVidia Shield TV 2019), and still have same issue with MediaPortal PVR: it can't retrieve server side channel order...

Any way to edit order on Kodi side? Do you know?

you need to enter the numbering server side in the MP TV Server Configuration.


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I don't know what do you mean... I import correctly channel number from TV server. But inside TV server internal db there's another number which indicates channel order in every group. I asume this is what it's not working with Mediaportal PVR addon.

I do not have it in front of me right now but inside TV Server Configuration you need to match the channel ID with the channel number in front of the channel name. Then it sorts correctly (according your 'external' numbering) in Kodi Mediaportal PVR AddOn. For example the channel ID of all channels is 10000 for my TV card and satellite (Astra). I changed that for each channel to 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ... 100 ... etc. It is some work but then its sorted in Kodi as you wish.


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I understand your approach, but as I explained somewhere above, I've got channels in two different groups (general and child), and I would like to place them in different positions... so your solution, which is good in general, doesn't fit my needs.

I've been "manually" managing TV Server channel sql db for years to personalize some things, and I know that there's two different things here:

- Channel number, which is unique for every channel.
- Channel position in a group, which TV Server saves in a separate db table for eeeevery group.

So, you can order every channel in a group as you want, regardless its general channel number.

Now: in Kodi PVR settings you have two different checks:

- Use server-side channel numbers.
- Use server-side channel order.

Second one is NOT working for Mediaportal PVR add-on, because you import groups, but channels don't keep their server-side position in them.

That's what I'm trying to say from the OP. I hope this time is more clear what I'm reporting.

Thanks a lot.

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"Use channel order from backend(s)" option not really working0
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